Btw where is Pollywood? Kraa


P.S. Let the eagles fly free. What eagles? Oh yes happiness, what is that? As banal as it sounds that road is one reason to be happy and the bus. I have never enjoyed having to travel by bus than I do now. It probably looks dull, but with music and books it’s the most happiest place for an hour and 40 minutes.


I’m Hypnotizz, hypnotiiz, I ya hypnateiz ya.

Is this a proposal for marriage? Oh I say Yes, Ok I will. Hey by the way, what art has got to do with capitalism? What are you talking about? Is this something image making an impression, impact on the viewer, the consumer getting manipulated kind of shit? Surprised? Yes, what a stunner. I think I’m having a boner. What a laugh. No I think it’s summer framed with snow. Hot. Totally. Power of advertising reaching every corner of the world in similar kind of language. It really catches the eye.