It’s not journey’s end, it begins over and over again.

It is a cry in anger and frustration. Saddened by the ways of ours against nature, against anything that is good. How to examine and evaluate good, define it or forget it. To seek only good can also end up being bad. Because we evaluate good with our eyes and how we feel. We are seekers of pleasure. It is odd how behavior of ours can be justified by nature. It is natural for woman to be weak and man to be strong. Still nature comes second in any regard. Interests of ours do not benefit those who cannot speak for themselves. We are destroyers leaving storms and deserts behind for future generations. Dry and decayed heads in tanks, stuck onto tanks, stuck in our unconsciousness, stuck to our horror.

It makes me wonder how those divisions get made and who makes them? There are things that attract women and things that attract men. Then there are people who like to keep it that way in obedience to the tradition of differences between sexes. It is natural. How natural are we? My organic body is natural, it decays, gets infected, clearly things happen to it that are nature’s ways not mine. Is my behavior natural? Is my gender natural, is it what I do for living natural? Natural is obvious, naturally, clearly, obviously. Self-evident, inescapable. We try to protect ourselves from it, we must, otherwise we would die. Our race would perish without fear of death, without pain and suffering. It is my nature to keep myself alive as well as I can. That is my healthy nature, my health, my true nature. Natural is something non-manipulated. Clean from so-called intelligent and conscious interferences to nature’s processes. Unhealthy is a will to die, in this context unnatural, nature grows back after devastation. Picture of hey pushing through asphalt. It grows where sun shines, looking for light, looking for water. To find that nature in myself is hope. That is to be part of nature. To learn from it, to grow with it. Defining natural in human context is kinky.

How to express nature, does it have to be expressed, will it find its way like hey?