To be of high value what to accomplish and what to be?

I have wondered what is needed to be of high value in society. What society values highly in a person, what is valuable for a person and in a person who has achieved appreciation, has been noticed as a maker. What gets noticed as we seem to seek getting noticed? We do not get appreciation just being alive, we have to make a life, a face and become visible. To have done something in life that can be appreciated is what all people want. Life worth living and be proud of. What I wonder where does the appreciation come from, what is it, how it is given, granted since it is there to be given after having done something valuable to all, something all can see. What is worth while to connect with, something to relate to, follow, get to know and idolize?
How egoist one has to be in world today and is good to be is good to ask and bear in mind the extent of ego one has and what does it mean to have an ego. Without ego we do not manage to make ourselves, to be individuals and it appears we need to be egoists to fit in in contemporary society, to be part of egoist culture that appreciates those who take their place regardless of what there may be in their way, regardless if the goal if worth having.
To be an independent actor, artist, ego is something that one has to work with, to have a strong self-reliance, confidence to stand behind one’s actions and art is essential. Artist therefore has to be able to produce possibly without constructive feedback, alone with only oneself as coach and mentor and to trust making pieces of art for the public, if they wish to have them. Work without anybody telling what to do, without someone telling when, how, where and so forth. Art has high value in contemporary society, high art especially. Such high place can be a dead-end for art. To evolve and become high as high is noted as good, it is a wrong place for some reason. There are more rules, policing, codes, barriers, complex relations and silent contracts that make art in high become less, distant, expensive and losing part of its purpose. Art is noted in news papers when it has news value. The more people are interested and the more money art attracts the more valuable it is to news papers. Everything revolves around money and how to make it. To ask again what to accomplish as an artist in this kind of stage and age?

I have to justify my existence by money, my worth is gained. It is not because I am and do what I enjoy doing. It has been weird to notice how a woman capable of doing many things is seen as a threat. I am not allowed to be better or good. Trying to forget all that and learning to live with less.

It is a very odd concept of thinking that you are safe. I am never safe. In me there is a planted seed of fear which is the panic which I cannot stand, which has a body, which I have had to learn to accept therefore I have learned to control panic. I have been told that I am so calm, well you do not see the inside of me. To be told. I resent it.
A secure job means safety. How secure are we? Do surveillance cameras make safety or fences? In my mind they increase panic and atmosphere of threat. Everyone is a threat.  You cannot rely on anyone but yourself. Don’t rely on anyone. Isn’t it a horrible way to live. Not anyone. One must think it is not just horrible and appalling, it is a permanent state since we are there. There is not anyone. This is loneliness and we are all in it.  And mind your own business. No wonder the pain in the back. It really gets you.

What is value in this perspective?

I’m wondering about musical influences on class struggle in general and in terms of punk and heavy metal music, it begins to sound so sixties the term class struggle. Is there a class struggle anymore?  Or do we just struggle from day to day.
Social levels are more or less constructed by salary, education, demanded skill and knowledge at work and could be called classes. What are the new levels of demands and skills, because it begins to look like a competition most people are left out by rule. Is a system of classes needed anymore? Work nowadays on any level is demanding. It takes a lot of knowledge to do cleaning well believe it or not. It has become specific and detailed know how even though it still is not much appreciated work and there are certain groups of people that either end up doing it or even want to do it. Cleaners are at the bottom of the so-called working class today weirdly I think because it actually is one of the most important tasks society needs to get done every day. Appreciation towards work consists of the things I mentioned above skill, knowledge required, the amount of money earned and made and the importance of the work. How the importance is measured depends on many things. One is how important the worker feels his/her work is. How good one wants to be in that work and reasons why one works. I still claim work done by men is more appreciated than work done by women.

Are attitudes changing in appreciating the time not spent on working, but doing things one enjoys most. That kind of shift probably takes couple of generations for it to be an acceptable way of life, not to spent time making money but spent time living without money. To learn how to live without money, without gathering assets and possessions, which is a norm more or less and valued as a way of life. We are now valued by what we own. We are owned.

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To Be able to accomplish more in less time. To be Looking for accomplishments, profit; attraction and repulsion. Tension between wastelands and urban asphalt world, backsides of garages, behinds of warehouses, behinds of things, those places that  are  behind, left untended, forgotten. To look behind and find weeds growing to their ultimate height in cool untidy shadows.