Size of ours

To measure something we do not know with something we think we know. To be exact is difficult. It demands effort and knowing of facts, knowledge over the world, how it is and how we are in it. Such knowledge which is not measured by eyesight and thinking you know takes time to find out and look for. To know how the world and nature work is a very basic method of learning to see connections, links between happenings, reactions and outcomes, comparisons and dimensions. Why something happens as it does and how patterns evolve and appear in front of us, in us and without us. We often like to know how big something is and are astounded by vastness, grandness and miraculous infinite nature of what is, for instance heart of a blue whale, temperature of volcanic lava, suddenness and randomness of nature and how close can we get, yet the very accuracy and beauty of it and danger: distance to Mars and could it be inhabitable. We would like to know and do because we can and cannot. We are curious to the limits and beyond. Whether something could be done just because we can test it and try out, experiment with any cost entails also the question of what should be left undone. Imagining diving inside a blue whale in its veins, imagining being eaten by a whale and ending up in its stomach and staying alive, getting out when it washes out to the shore. Where would we have gone without that experiment? What is unimaginable becomes reality, an adventure, survival, living, breathing, to think how many cars should be put in line to measure the Earth to know its circumference. To measure something which size we cannot comprehend unless we measure it with something we can see and we know, comprehend in everyday life, size of ours.

To understand

It is demanding to be kind to people.
It is demanding to be kind to the world.
It is demanding to be kind to animals.
It is demanding to be kind to strangers.
It is demanding to be kind to those you know. It is demanding to be kind to those you don’t know.
It is demanding to be kind towards nature.
It is demanding to be kind to yourself.
It is demanding to be kind to insects.
It is demanding to be kind to people you do not like.
It is demanding to be kind to people you are mean to. It is demanding to be kind to the street.

To understand what is and what is not.
To understand what you are and what you are not.
To understand why and why not.
To understand what you can do and what you can’t.
To understand how all happens and how things do not.
To understand what is said and what is not.
To understand this place and not.
To understand what to say and not.
To understand what is your place and what is not.
To understand right and wrong and not.
To understand how things work and not.
To understand your potential and not.

Satin organza shotgun lace

Strive to be better and better is to love yourself. It is strange for a woman to be labelled weak when she is stronger than most. Thinking pattern of which people are not willing to let go because it empowers them and enslaves those who need to be seen as weak. That is a wall to climb and people to walk over because that is what they need to be made understand and feel in their bodies. Body remembers and gets if mind does not.

When those who should love you are your worst enemy situation is something you cannot escape, physically yes but not mentally. People are compelled and forced not to love because loving makes them vulnerable admitting to emotion that is delicate and caring, soft, profound, open, accepting and feminine almost childish and naive. Love becomes nonexistent and meaningless words when you are betrayed by those who you think should love you unconditionally. Love is used as an excuse to exploit, a misused emotion, misused way to fool and fake, get your way, manipulate, to act the a way which stands opposite to love. Love is misunderstood and loathed, put to dirt the same as people who are seen as not worthy of love. There are people who think love is something to bargain with and people who think they are not worthy to be loved. The opposite of love in everyday life is there to be endured, understood as normal, so common it hurts, love a word and world which is upside down looking like a monster, love untrustworthy statement, people filled with hate, distrust and ill talk, violence the best tool just as despair, illness to have. When one grows up in such a climate lovelessness is a rule and seeing through people’s intentions and people themselves on daily basis a normality which in its accuracy is scary.

Get down on your fucking knees!

Get down on your fucking knees!
The claim that the world is changing incredibly fast.
What is the speed a bullet has? You won’t feel it once it hits your head.
World of agony is too much to take. Don’t speak it out just hear the bang.
That is what we do not tolerate: truth about ourselves, our deeds, our need to enslave, to humiliate.
Things we do not take if they are not for granted.
Preserving prettiness as something innocent playing as contrast to our cruelty, as a value to sell and be covered by. It is truth we should like, but we kill it, because it is not enough. We do not get ahead fast enough honestly. It even sounds too little, too bold to be alive. The one who speaks the truth and is not believed because it is too much to take. Get down on your fucking knees!

This command is about power used, power liked and loved. Power of ruining innocence of someone, ruining possibilities of someone for a life. This gun is an accusation. It is pointed at you. It is my emotional respond to you questioning me, for you to obey me. It is my belief, my religion, my faith and reassuring my righteousness. Me holding my truth, my path in my hand.

Get down on your fucking knees! Now!
Bow your head. Feel my weapon on you. How cold it is against your skin, against your fear, against your life.
Where are you when you are there afraid?
In the dirt below me breathing.
Me above you looking at you with anger. Looking at you like you were nothing, not even a human. Me with possibility and desire of pulling the trigger. Click. It takes one click.

It takes one click.

This moment we are wasting potential of huge amounts of folk by underestimating, categorizing, judging, taking for granted, minimizing and abusing force of people in exploitative work that brings money for the few and leaves most of us in dept and poverty.

It is about power, the powerless becoming to understand that their power is the community and mass mobilization. Questions who has power and how it is used are those that must be asked constantly with always very critical tone not excluding yourself, especially those who use massive power are obligated to truth with responsibility and love for life and other living things.

What happens when the powerless realize they are the power, they make it happen in the end, power, force. Finding the potency within each and everybody in a way that the very thought is every individual has potential and resources to be found. Power in acting out, power in taking action, taking power of you, understanding power of you not waiting for it to be given. Not victimizing oneself but empowering, strengthening what you are already or becoming what you never thought would be possible.