The Next Bill Gates in the making? Somali menee apeshit.

Bodies online, pencil on paper, 2015

So, you know racism? Since also white is a race according to race science, you can be a racist towards whites as well and there is plenty of evidence. It is when you pay an awful lot of attention to race, colour, features telling about intelligence, abilities, what else is race telling? Where you come from and that you either have privilege or you don’t? How simple. Black supremacy is doing racism by loathing white people as such and their achievements, wanting to be in the place of white people who have achieved great things or just had power and position usually by hard work and using their intellect. Wanting to be king and a leader just doesn’t raise you, it makes a mockery out of you when you don’t earn your place. Playing the victim and wanting all the power is a very infantile way to structure society, humans and seek justice, you won’t find it, you just cry out loud and destroy things. You don’t have what white people have and you must have it by wanting to be in the white people’s place like Bill Gates, look like white people, be blond and walk the catwalk, posing capable in movie roles and magazine covers and you say white people want what you have, you mean fat asses and big dicks and infantile minds? When you don’t have much else, it surely is a sorry situation. How many of BLM activists have openly talked against child labour which is a still a big problem or polluted oceans? White people have had to work for what we have. You want to be in the Louvre? I’m sure you do. You can visit just as anybody else, but replace the works of art with your own bitterness? C’mon, build your own, ok, though you will not be Bill Gates nor white, I’m pretty sure, why do you bleach? Why do you hate your own hair? I know blonds are prettier, but c’mon, it is not blondies’ fault. Please do go apeshit, I love it so much.
Your self-esteem is so low that you write black with a capital letter and white with small when you talk about people? Do you need some more bleach?
“At least 25 Americans were killed during protests and political unrest in 2020”

Olen pahoillani, että olemme ikinä auttaneet nämä vitun idiootit tänne. Menkää rakentamaan omaa maatanne saatanan pellet. Täällä te ette ole rakentaneet yhtään mitään koskaan, ette edes ravintolaa ole saaneet pystyyn.

From the bottom of our dear beloved hearts

We despise those who dare to differ. Those who dare to contradict our golden rules, our power, our knowledge, partners, friends whom we defend to the end, our exactness, our sensitiveness, our rights to construct the visible world through and with our expertise, which is given the authority and put on pedestal, because we know what is good. It is undeniable. The good that fills homes, minds, streets, internet, books, qualifications, friends, food, sex, what to do and with whom, everything worth mentioning and having. If you do differently you are out and uninteresting.

Those who object places of art object progress is the most ludicrous and vicious idea used to push forward means and projects of those who think are on the right side and doing good for everybody.