It is not I who does not understand.

Self-evident desire. What is self-evident? It is a strange collection of assumptions and a set culture which dictates what we should want as bodily and spiritually evolving creatures with human minds. It is what is known to be true and is thought to be true for all. Everybody wants it. Every woman wants it.

Why the need to label and categorize?

What is the meaning of waves in feminism? There are and have taken place four waves of feminism to this day. Do they all add something new to image of womanhood, femininity, idea of being a woman or is it about finding out. Breaking boundaries is what is needed to be heard and listened to. Radicalism is essential part of feminism therefore I do not understand why there are differently named movements inside feminism for example radical feminism is one part of feminism. It is not all radical? For what I know all feminism has been radical and continues to be so. Radical in its marginal position, strangely distant, when impact of feminism on the world is perceived. To me femin-isms are all part of one and the same need to be whole in finding dignity and are one movement.

Aren’t waves of feminism reactions in time to people who are stuck to their traditions, rules and beliefs so much that want to decide for women’s lives and bodies and especially those. In that thought wave is a good word to describe a happening of feminism, attack and sudden burst of rage and emotion.


Everything is irritatingly misplaced

Two old ladies talking behind me in the bus about weather, “how it is so warm today: ” how little green things are appearing, tulips and things like that”. Aroma of something burned. But I felt empathy and warmth in their wornout fragile voices which I liked. I felt sun through the glass. Microg. and chewable tablets.

Dedication to the cause Feminism is demand for respect and dignity

Strange to me is how divided we are in more ways that is reasonable. Feminism and Socialism are ideologies which divide strongly and are opposed heavily. Feminism especially is put to dirt. Self-evidently it involves women. Feminism demands women to be active, stand up for themselves and their children and importantly feminists also speak for others in similar position as millions of women are treated like shit. speak for those who are treated like inferior, rejected as half-humans without capabilities, people who are tools and objects. How many times it has happened that a woman has to prove herself many times over and maybe not even then is she accepted and acknowledged as capable individual who is not dependent on men and their opinion, who has ideas of her own. One part of the problem lies in wanting to be acknowledged and accepted. Women’s need to please. It is a kind of weakness to want to be loved as one is, do everything possible for it. There is great demand for people to be encouraged as creative intelligent and capable persons.
To acknowledge someone is to honor that person. To honor someone, anyone, is and has been a difficult task. There is need for power and questions on trust. Self-evidently there are cultural differences what is to honor and does it have to be gained. Obvious also is the lack of capability to honor because there is no knowledge of what it is to honor. Respect and dignity begin from knowledge of self-worth, understand that one is valuable as one is with potential and resources. Self-worth grows from having felt respected since childhood. Respect is to be interested in other people, give space, reflect, act and listen to the other. Self-worth grows in being listened to, in atmosphere of trust. It grows when one learns what one can do, is able to accomplish. So to gain self-esteem one needs others but more importantly one needs oneself.

Who is and can be a Feminist? And why do I think person who says is not a Feminist is against human rights?

Yes I am forcing you to be on side of human rights and equality. Does it feel really over the top nuisance stopping you from making the best profit to actually give a damn? Does Feminism somehow stop you from being who you really want to be? Is that why you dislike it or is it because you are an ignorant asshole!

Am I being too hostile here.

Men think Feminism is not about them but it is all about them.