Why the need to label and categorize?

What is the meaning of waves in feminism? There are and have taken place four waves of feminism to this day. Do they all add something new to image of womanhood, femininity, idea of being a woman or is it about finding out. Breaking boundaries is what is needed to be heard and listened to. Radicalism is essential part of feminism therefore I do not understand why there are differently named movements inside feminism for example radical feminism is one part of feminism. It is not all radical? For what I know all feminism has been radical and continues to be so. Radical in its marginal position, strangely distant, when impact of feminism on the world is perceived. To me femin-isms are all part of one and the same need to be whole in finding dignity and are one movement.

Aren’t waves of feminism reactions in time to people who are stuck to their traditions, rules and beliefs so much that want to decide for women’s lives and bodies and especially those. In that thought wave is a good word to describe a happening of feminism, attack and sudden burst of rage and emotion.


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