From Finland

Think about how gossiping makes you feel, powerful, right. You are observing someone’s life from above and laughing at it or having other kind of reactions. What kind of power that is to be able to know what goes on in other people’s lives and be able to discuss that? What does gossip do and what is the purpose? It has many purposes of which most aren’t positive. It is a power play of simple people who feel powerless without the possibility of being able to put someone down. This is of course a global phenomenon which one should be very careful about. It makes us careful who we trust if anyone. Gossip makes you look so intelligent, doesn’t it. Especially when you don’t

Gossip, word of mouth. It is to believe, that what is said, is passed forward in faith it will do harm and is somehow justified, a play of hierarchy. By saying the things you say you will cause something which may become a storm. It is used to destroy people or it is used to do something else. What other can gossip make than harm? Haters make nowadays social media phenomenons of those who are hated, there are few examples. This may turn out to be a good thing in the end as people understand at some point how useless and simple hating is as a strategy and how it tells more about those who hate and gossip than of those who are targeted. How something so hateful and negative can turn out to be a good thing? Gossip can be advertising as it travels in speed that positive things do not. There is an image of human nature there and what stands as interesting to us.

Fine art proves in so many ways how fascist its structures and practices of thought are, it keeps things  willingly as stagnant as possible. Such state is more lucrative, to keep things unchanged as to change anything takes a lot of hard work, and yes thinking. People obviously do not notice.

What is art fighting for or is it the institutions that choose the proper fight for the context for the eyes of the privileged and easily traumatized? “When we reach a point that art depicting toy to depict a terrorist threat is considered too dangerous for public consumption, one has to wonder what we are really fighting for.”

Censorship is the one that has always been there for me whether it is in form of self-censoring which women do instinctively, or the authority has done the censoring and called it curating or editing or just looking away. Usually it is disapproving without discussion and show of contempt for the artist. Something that must be only perfect has a perverse side to it. Art is not about depicting a perfect world, perfect people looking perfect doing perfect things and being great, only great and wonderfully glorified. World glorified, artist glorified, art something that matches the interior and appeals to aesthetic taste is a trend which is forcing itself still as we are given big names and stars, proper contents packaged, expensive gladly, not bad light on rulers, not politics, not ugliness, not cursing, business-likeness which has taken the art world is obvious. We are here to sell and please.

So art on menstruation, female genitals, sex, pornography, bombs, terrorism, art world pretense and phoniness, cleaners, garbage, dirt, prostitution often are banned, scrutinized or at least artist’s mental health is questioned and her intentions. Those topics may be more suitable for male artists too, but still daring. He is so daring and brave, she is just odd and dangerous. To say the word clitoris aloud is difficult, so I am interested why so, to watch pornographic images which are on the net for all to see displayed in art context cause a stir. Scandal is why art scene is so conservative, still sexist and prudish, still perverse. I also wonder what kind of people art is for and what is expected of art, why these expectations do not match with desires of an artist to explore openly, discuss and show what world is like.

For artist to do what is expected is dangerous.

To lose femininity, to be without that characteristic of yours which is a stigma, which puts you in to a group and frame. To me it is impossible and stigma I refuse, stigma of weakness. I am first a person not my gender and sex.

It is strange to think that women who do manly jobs which for some reason are majority of jobs, that imitate men to make it in their branch of expertise would mean losing their femininity. Femininity is still something that does not speak up, seduces, does not take over other than sexually and women have to learn how to physically defend themselves since feminine women do not know how to. Or maybe they know but the ban is so strong they are paralyzed and scared that punch on them is lethal. Something that is lost may be visible and a tradition we like to be used to, that is expected to be there, be found and it strikes as odd when it is replaced with something that does not belong there ‘naturally’. Femininity is seen a natural characteristic and women are expected to bring that natural element in them forward appropriately: caring, submissiveness, beauty and fragility, helplessness, posing and being wanted, loved, looking for love forever. When women begin to help themselves they are easily viewed as to rough, outsiders, too active, outspoken which is not good for them and not having time to pay attention to their outer bodies and beautify themselves, not giving attention to their families enough, forgetting to keep themselves smelling good for joy of others.
Women’s naturalness versus beautifying is the paradox, too much or nothing at all? Finding likability as women, that niceness, kindness and gentleness which are virtues, of course, such things in a person are good to have but such unchanging obedient category where women very easily are put in and they put themselves in is not working anymore if it ever has. To be able to choose and have variety is what is good for the whole of society. Societies develop on many levels much quicker and wider when women are applauded for courage to make change happen for them experimenting their limits and limits of all in society because it is other people who have the opposition and hold up the wall for women to climb up, to fight against. Preconceptions hold on tight also in Finland. To try to work in a field which is usually for men only, not because to make a feminist move but out of pure interest for the craft, is in many ways demanding, it is adjusting and feeling the atmosphere. Bias is strong and women are seen as physically and mentally weaker which is interesting, incapable even evidence of otherwise is there and to talk with women, what topics are there that bunch of men could ever find interesting to talk with women.
When gender is not fluid and expectations are build solid thinking how things should be means exactly that, nothing much changes especially when society is very gender bound, when there are jobs specially for women and men. And how slowly things change in that area. What are women capable of and do we have to compare to men since we can do both, things that men do too. “Mechanics of language and gender are performative in the Butler-sense (‘gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original’)”

Interested in our need for conventions and safety of conventional. What keeps stereotypes and conventions alive?

Mostly, which is quite often, I face those demands and rules that are meant to bind us together to live in happy agreeing community without conflict as always in community that does not like change, that has a demand for outside and inside. I have wondered why there is and has been such a strong need to categorize and label and in my case and in women’s lives particular a violent need to define and know what is the absolutely correct thing to do, say, live, dress and so forth. I notice this because I unknowingly and knowingly break all the conventions there ever has been. It has been a puzzle in which I simply do not fit, so why force it. No reason whatsoever. Make life more easy maybe? Yes opinions on how I live my life, feel free to contribute..

Is it our need to keep up with something solid, safe and belong to a group of people who value conventional way of living? Why do we have to succeed as good obedient citizens and follow conventions which make us possibly something we do not want to be, to agree with conservative way of thinking that holds traditions dear? We all have an idea of what conventional means to some extent, but to force creativity and making new things into that mold is censoring, something made under regulations that make conventional aesthetics, not to change but prevail and stay in power.

Conservatism is driving the world into destruction.

What is conservatism now? How do we define it other than something solid that likes its solidness and unchanging character. Conservative finds nobility in his/her old-fashioned identity, believes in building a nation via traditions and how things have been and have been done before. How things look bright when they are polished and anything that may break that shiny image must be ranked and whipped out. There are of course mild conservatives, far right conservatives and mid road conservatives, conservatives who deny their conservativeness, conservatives who do not recognize their position as hindering change, equality, preservation of nature and think they are very liberal and approbative in their thinking and actions. For conservatives there are many taboo subjects, such topics which constantly are on the battle field of human rights issues. Sexuality is a huge no-no. Abortion..hello! Sex in art, nudity, portrayal of sexuality are still an abomination. Conservatives do not seem to notice the reality. They deny the reality, character of reality and make their own be reality of everyone else too. Not surprisingly conservatives are the most wealthy people, hold the most power and have true faith in God. They like to use their faith as a tool against progress, against human rights kind of progress. Those who make the most profit, make the most destruction and mold the society. What is God’s work in there one might ask?