Exploitation and discrimination are not a feminist nor leftist practices. If you understand anything of these movements, which many clearly don't, you should know this by heart and act upon it, not how you desire, but what is right and fair. If that is what you desire, do it and not just talk about it.

My body does revolution

In art it is common to hear and witness leftist and feminist echoes, it is a model echo chamber painted white and stylish. You enter, it is quiet and there are possibly headphones and screens, gadgets and gimmicks are strangely very interesting to artists and curators. Art very gladly turns against someone who cannot help you in their career and be a good contact. When you are useless, you will feel it. Many declare themselves as practicing individuals, I am not sure how individualism fits in a dictatorship, when it comes to losing position and personal gain, it is a very different story. Individualism stops pretty much there. When speaking your mind is dangerous, it is better to do nice and play the game which is very much set and to step out of the fixed pattern (which also speaks against individualism and creativity) means one is not doing official art, you are an outsider. To team up against one who clearly does not believe in your act and commitment to the mentioned causes, is sad and telling. When it is obvious that misogyny and sexism are more protected than abolished and making a living as an artist is made very difficult especially if you speak your mind and try to change the system which is not welcoming, open, open-minded, fair, but hypocritical, old-fashioned, racist, biased and bigoted, change is even more vital. You like to talk about change and you think it is everybody else who need to change. Art plays for and by the rich and the privileged, by ownership and how much anything costs is well displayed as it is the most important thing as are the metropoles. Money and fame are driving a system where everybody is so feminist and leftist? Right, Let me laugh out loud. In this business leftism and feminism are handy tools to use in looking good, I don’t think you do.

How much do you fly for art and for your own amusement? How much do you support mass tourism in the name of art? How much do you try to influence the art system to change? Change in a way it actually would serve people and not money? Look around and think what kind of art do you see in a public space? Try to analyse why it is the way it is, what purpose does it serve? When a curator says, artists can be like that, what do you think the curator might mean? What are curators like, what is your perception on curating? How much do you think contemporary art is for the public and how much for the institutions to stay busy and in business? What defines as success in art?

Impact of any government and state on art institutions and their officials is in my mind undeniable.

“Wielga-Skolimowska’s conflict ultimately highlights the danger and vulnerability of cultural institutions that rely on national funding during extremist regimes.” http://hyperallergic.com/344609/a-polish-curator-is-fired-in-berlin-exposing-two-countries-political-blind-spots/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=5%20Books%20to%20Read%20About%20Artists%20Under%20Nazism&utm_content=5%20Books%20to%20Read%20About%20Artists%20Under%20Nazism+CID_78c1412d068d8738c7a6a144c370e8cf&utm_source=HyperallergicNewsletter&utm_term=A%20Polish%20Curator%20Is%20Fired%20in%20Berlin%20Exposing%20Two%20Countries%20Political%20Blind%20Spots

A Polish Curator Is Fired in Berlin, Exposing Two Countries’ Political Blind Spots

How should we observe, see and think about institutions that are financially dependent on finance coming from the government and other parties, who very often have needs they want to be fulfilled by supporting culture and be seen in a good light? Art is very vulnerable to manipulation and censoring. It depends on money coming from outside to function.

Do we have to please to get art be seen? Does art need to be pretty or beautiful? As it became obvious during Guggenheim debate in Finland, the one main reason to have the museum on the spot was that it would have had a beautifying effect.