Anyone ever tell you that you cannot do something? just because..

Did it have something to do with art? Did it have something to do with your persona, your being, you as a woman, different color of your skin, sexual orientation, age you are?

Someone not liking what you do, what you are, what you represent, how you are? People possibly realize how common it is to ditch, to give negative response just because our biases and own experiences affect our judgment. To give credit is difficult. It has to be learned from early on, as one has to learn to accept negative and positive feedback, not only either one. To be able to give justified, sincere and honest feedback especially positive is important. To give it to everybody, no matter how minor a gesture, is precious. It is easy to be cynical about it, like who deserves your kind word, attention and gaze (pay attention to how you gaze). What is a look worth, what does it mean? Interesting issue is who is deserving and what our makings are worth. What is the value of what we do and how it should be appreciated. What society values and why and how do we become to value something?