Price of everything, value of nothing.

A popular person called star is an object, product, vendible living machine, cash apparatus, one after another constantly changing trend to keep up with, speed and sparkling idea, embodiment of some perfection, exceptional person blooming sexuality and eroticism. A tale of her that needs to be told. That is one kind of shuttle into vast space of a market, where all the stars may shine for us and share their blessings like refreshments we cannot live without. Legends and astronomical positions of stars predict the future of fashion, future of what moves us. What the mass of people like to see and hear, will like and remember. Stars lead the way as talents, visionaries, makers, wisdom and truth tellers, storytellers, wise men and women, who taste the sweetest fruits of mankind and get our constant attention. Fame and fortune, full house and flush of spotlight, hurry for a new trend, business and action in the middle of it all. In the middle of it all are Swarovski crystals on stockings, strings and toned moving bodies as moments of pleasure for the audience, creating the moment of now, nowness, a kind of freedom experience where everything is possible, which reflects this day, fantasy and values of ours, rush of ours to get instant gratification and joy. Fun of having a tiny grip of life’s nonsense and puffing heaviness away. Circus of big money performers pays off bringing moods and something to dream about.

Heart of a superstar.

Feminine seduction via curves and flying hair. Is she looking for a perfect match, ecstasy between her and the audience, expressing herself through erotic (exotic) dancing, tiny wardrobe and emotional lyrics. Is her desire to be penetrated? Is she being raped by looks. Is she penetrated or the one who works a penis as she appears to be in charge? She has multiple roles to choose from and she does work both ways, as being pleased and a pleaser. She is a receiver and provider of pleasure. A bitch whore speaking her mind, saint mother, a wife and career woman, which roles all professional pop stars must master on stage and in real life. It is mastery of womanhood. Mastering and toying with ideas and ideals. You cannot do music with your clothes on.. All that she can be is what she is, what you can see. It is expected of her to have layers to peel, veils and canvases to fly with her hair with the help of a wind machine. Multifaceted public image to talk about make an interesting personality, who is she? Someone, who is not emptied at one stroke, with one look, pages of magazines. There is desire to fill up the world and air waves.