Taking liberties of telling someone how she or he should live,what to be, do, say and think.

We like to think we have power over others and also like to think it is something we are entitled to having and using as much as there is room for such use of power and abuse. Especially what comes to women, young ones particularly, are thought that they are there to be molded, told what to do in life and made to fit ideals of other people. Constant commenting on looks, sexiness, way of walking, what girls and women should do and should not do, policing of present and future by giving instructions, dos and don’ts. It is a long list of instructions that flow in front of a young person which is expected for that person to follow and take seriously. Instructions given by people who take authority because that other person seems fragile and easy to mold. My experience is that any objection is seen hostile and unjustified rebellion because a fragile person does not have rights. A seemingly fragile and small person probably does not think for herself, is not capable of deciding for herself. It is quite unbelievable to witness such totalitarian order which young people are thought they should inevitably and without resisting grow into. Discouragement and lack of mental support can be overwhelming. You have to have pretty feisty temper, have proud self-image and idea of yourself, have a focused determination to do what you want to do and be. The best expert of you is yourself. Tricky part is when you will find that thing of yours in which to believe completely.

http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/by-banning-skinny-catwalk-models-we-blame-women-for-eating-disorders–and-ignore-the-real-reasons-10507425.htmlThe truth is that our body image is based on a range of factors – factors that include how we are seen by others, but also our sense of what our bodies can and can’t do, how good our bodies feel to us, and how much we feel our bodies define and shape who were are. None of these is simply dependent on how we compare our bodies to other people’s bodies. Our sense of self (of which body image is one component) is built up in more complex webs of social interaction that shape our sense of who we are, what is important about us, how we see ourselves.”