Make your mother proud.

What do all mothers want for their children? All the basic things and more. All mothers love their children is the mantra and catchphrase like a UN poster. I almost believe it. It is what it should be. And mothers should be loved. There should be love, ability to give love. Your baby is the most precious in the world, has the most of the best qualities. The features your baby has are perfect. Nothing can change that, nor compare to that. Mother wants to protect her baby from harm. Protect from seeing, experiencing, hearing and knowing that there is evil in the world. What kind of people grow from overprotected buns? Do they know no evil? Love is something there is very little knowledge of and practice in the end. Could true love be such protection that child becomes unaware and self-consumed? Filled with his/her pure glory and exceptional nature. What kind of generation is made of kids like that? Is it perfect? Deserving and gifted like hell. At least thinking so. It does not matter is it true or not, believe what your mother tells you. Of course you are perfect. Can you let others be perfect?

Thinking what is bad is an interesting notion and curious is how bad gets to be bad. How much bad can one face and does it have to be tolerated. How does one recognize the bad in oneself? That is tricky, isn’t it.