Lucky sperm club and loads of fun? Do you have a choice and how much do you care? I would like to call out for responsibility for one’s own actions. Responsibility carry the person herself. Abortion is a very serious operation not just physically but mentally, and it is about taking or giving life. It is a tough decision to make. Blame and shame do not make it easier nor illegality of the operation.

How many people are born out of accidental pregnancies, sudden one night stands, rapes, lust, horniness, unplanned fun, irresponsibility and abuse or whatever. Are there people who are unwanted? It sounds terrible that there are or would be children that are not wanted. What kind of life is there without love and care? How is pregnancy an accident is of course somehow always, because we cannot never be absolutely sure when and how it happens, moment of making life. Is pregnancy still something people cannot avoid from happening? Is it responsibility of women to take care of, be it contraception or abortion or providing for the offspring. That is how it often goes. The blame, guilt, worries, care and loving are things women carry and give. It is a matter of chance and a pretty random event to be conceived, to become a human being and it is lucky, luck, as it is misery, sadness, boredom, difficulty and all that. And then yet to become a parent to which many are not prepared, ready for or able.

It is curious the thought how we like to see ourselves as designed and planned individuals, that we all have our part and place. Is it a shame to be born without being planned? Is accident even a good word to use. Hopefully loved and wanted, but not designed nor ordered. Accurately made, proper clean, planned standard mankind would be dull and without variety. Still what comes to how women use their bodies is up to women themselves, whatever the mess. It is difficult to plan how life goes.

Sex and consequences are lovely or less lovely. Can baby be a mistake, failure? Like heavy burden of being born. Strange questions, still they are very real.