Large dog appeared, like it or not, it was there unmovable speeding, anticipating

Belonging to an Organization with F in it,
the community of Root Poets, who considered themselves lucky, 

and painters of Crimea Conspicuous. ­ How id.
Writing random and enjoying the result of 8 hah, without hesitation laughing and pulling, letting tesseract flow like not knowing what it meant
reversal of pattern, patterns like cocks, piles of pictorialization of mind, departmentalization of knowledge, betrayals of original aims purposed of the established forms etc.
Capturing states of mind, experimental me
dicine? meaning divine? speaking to natives making notes, nodding thanking the society, knowing grammar labels, mixed paid mosaics, handwritten pads yielding scent, filled with writing, swarthy, cynically mentioned blame. sung by the rest if desired, if paused, if asked, if begged, if 

Central acts of decision it says here
do not apply anymore,
forget those or anything central, in the middle, in some quiddity, representations of red, the color and what is it, I ask, What is this color and he laughed.
It is love and hate,
and looked at me like there was nothing more to it.
How odd. liking the word., this is what you wanted, isn’t it? How do you know what I want?! The inside story mentioning Cleohane, who is that I wondered? I asked, beautiful name.
Language as gestures,
ablatives, intransitive verbs, language to tell you. like it or not, not alone, to say anything you, want.