Do you think it is a prayer?

It is my favourite pornsite. Enjoy. For some this kind of activity is abomination, screw you.  I think it is at some core of humanity. Why don’t you just accept it. Fucking. If that is shameful, I’m so sorry, but you just bore me. Have a fucking nice day. Our world is highly pornographic already. To me that means our minds as well. You think porn should be banned? Why so?

Spirituality as a concept, as a word, space, feeling, art, as something good, used and discarded, probably not much talked about in porn context. Of course, we are spiritual beings, like it or not. We are also sexual. It has led me thinking, what it actually is to be spiritual and what it means now for people, in this age and time. Translated into Finnish it is hengellisyys, henkisyys, which words have strong origin in religion, in Christianity and the Holy Spirit. It has to do with sacred and holy, something beyond our physical world, beyond our comprehension and knowledge.

How to visualize the invisible and why, immaterial? How to understand body of something that has not got a body? Body to understand, to conceptualize, to speak of, to visualize. Why the constant need to understand, comprehend the unseen? Human curiosity is probably the strongest power on earth. Why do I make it sound like evil quality?