I like to think non-place is a place where people have to visit or live where they voluntarily don’t wish to.

Place is experienced emotionally and with our senses, partly made personally, one by one individually, place existing on personal and on public level within human reason and randomness for human activity and always with nature, in harmony or in disharmony. Places for lives of people to function for our benefit, we sensing, using, monitoring, analyzing places we go to, we like and dislike, live at, walk through, work at, see, avoid via movement, need and human consciousness we connect or disconnect with places. We have a need to make our marks to places we visit to show that we have been there or take marks or pieces from places, out of/from places with us to remember and prove having been. Imagining a place and experiencing, remembering, reliving, becoming part of a place, making an emotional connection/contact to a place and what that place is all about, what this place means to you, is for and why are you thinking about it, going there, staying there, why are we where we are and what kind of things do we pay attention to in a place, what make places of ours on emotional level, in negative and positive way. Can we own a place in negative sense, feel that it is ours and be part of that ugliness, belong there making something new out of filth, that an ugly place is part of us in all its ugliness, uselessness, coldness, disconnectedness and powerlessness? Is a desire of making a non-place connected to our need of making an impression of what we are, to show strength in despair, despite despair, what we long for but fail trying to forget what we are not, or is non-place made to not be used as we try to be useful and seem effective but be abandoned to remind us how alone and desperate we are? We want to impress by being at a luxurious place, beautiful and rare, difficult to reach, expensive and extraordinary and by doing so state the wonderfulness and specialty of ours but still it is only the surface of things when it is to show off and a place is an extension to our personality and identity as part of us but better than most.