What kind of fear there is now in the world? Is it the same as ever? Do the reasons to be afraid change and do our responses get more progressive or more aggressive? Do we attack or just wait and see what happens?

Atmosphere of fear is almost touchable. Our means and ways of survival have probably become narrow even though our world is full and wide. We like to stay narrow-minded and inside a comfort zone, keep unwanted outside. There are strange contradictions there. We like to pose knowledgeable and guard our territory well. We like act to civilized, but we also practice fascist hygiene order. Yes fascist. Do not let anyone rock the boat or cause a stir. Strangers are scary, homeless and mentally ill are frightening. To me this poses atmosphere of threat, isolation and war, which we have had for decades, now realizing itself politically, environmentally and economically and is a personal burden for everyone, at least should be. Some carry heavier piles than others. How can anyone go and be untouched or unconcerned by the situation that the world is in? How can you float and bitch about minor details. State of the world is not only every government’s burden, it is every citizen’s load and concern.

For me there are many question, the same as probably the most of us wonder, I hope. Is it something new at all, the recession, which never ends or which is not one but many and repeat close by each other. What will come out of this downfall? Is a moral decline something we can do anything about?

Courage in this picture, is to be against. Resist!