When sadism is an acceptable way to solve human relations and a suitable practice to function in society, to interact and gain, is to interact even a correct word to use?

Sadism is an every day image that is in many ways mainstream more than we like to admit. It is a perversion and seen a marginal desire where causing pain brings pleasure, where fetishism and play tools play an important role. Sadism represents position of privilege and entitlement, it is a practice of hierarchical and militant system where mind games and manipulation are to test, humiliate, put down and torture. Dictators and tyrants use sadistic methods to rule with fear to keep the people from rising up. Therefore it is a surprise how closely we can get to sadistic patterns of thought in a school for example or any system in which making it to fame and fortune is extremely hard and to be on top is the ultimate dream. Such role play is usual when it comes to men and women and their needs, how they are met and how women make it in their careers or in life in general. How tempting it is to use power over those who want to be adored and successful or who simply want to have the same opportunities as men have but have to fight many times harder and be better to get what men get easier. It is a moral choice, ethical choice, an outlook on humanity where people are segregated into animals and humans, superior and inferior, pure and filthy and trying to learn away from this old mindset. Such moral choice involves every human being. We must stand on a side. To think animals are lower of us and that there are people who are lower because their education and standard of living is not as high as of those who are with power and wealth is still a normalcy and to me it seems like many do not want equality as it it good for the few to be stinking rich and think that wealth is lifting those few up in hierarchy between people.

Beings are targets to hit. Who gets to aim or has the audacity to take that liberty? We can be cattle or decision making individuals who can make a difference and choose not to aim those who are underdogs. To lift up takes a strong person, to hit and bully is far more simpler, it is a simplest strategy to ‘solve’ complex situations and relations where the target is hit into silence and obedience. Those who do the act of separation learn it and think it is their right, act of judging, performance of taking power of God into hands of people, taking word of God into a violent act as if God as he is almighty had give this power to the chosen ones, for those lucky ones. One chooses to be sadistic, interesting is when it happens that sadism loses and does not seem a winning method. What kind of stand point one takes concerning violent behavior altogether is essential, how will one living in a violent environment speak against violence which is everywhere and do peaceful meaningful acts that are more powerful that those bloody ones? What kind of violence do we see, are used to seeing, using against others and what kind of violence is used against us is how we become to see our power in relation to others, how we can make an impact and be powerful. Important is to recognize what is violent behavior and a violent act, where do we draw the line and how much do we hide violence as it has moved further from reach to do something about and behind veils of anonymity. How willing are we to stand alone against an angry mob, an angry regime which moves and reacts with emotional force to put down those who are against violence. How does reason and analysis defend what is right and just when reason is lost in a crowd that thinks is absolutely correct. Where does one stand on moral map, what does one do to do morally right and how does one act towards other people who do despite all moral rules against what is right. It is the most important decision done by anyone in life and a path to take on which we are in relation to each other and the world, how do we use one another and are used. To find justice seems to be awfully difficult. Relationships are always give and take situations, question is what is given and what is taken. What do we want from other people and how do we get the things we want.

By dictionary to interact is when two or more share an act, a piece, a play acting upon each other. Sadist act truly is a kind of interaction when it is done with permission willingly wanting to hurt, liking to cause ill and damage, looking to gain pleasure from someone else’s pain and for someone to be a submissive servant and slave. Real damage does not occur in this role play. The one who wants to be enslaved, tortured, humiliated, acted upon violently in a sadomasochistic role play has willingly chosen that role. When sadism functions in real life without asking permission pleasure and benefit is only for the one who causes hurt. Such one-sided play is quite common nowadays virtually with that distinct difference that most sadistic acts are done without permission, with meaning to truly hurt and maybe without knowledge of who the sadist is, the violator, abuser and bully. Surveillance, torture, humiliation, ripping off dignity and stalking go hand in hand. Such violating acts of privacy, human rights, human worth and ownership are done with justification of security, fun, rights of superior and more powerful since everybody is a suspect, target, a slave and sadism is already seen as normal,, something we should get accustomed to, learn to tolerate because it is a scary world where we are protected by surveillance. I speak of sadism which is also a term of sexual reference and tone and which behavior is as I claim normal. What kind of sexuality does our use and understanding of sadism manifest? To hurt someone bring pleasure to the one doing the hurting, bring enjoyment which has to be repeated, financial and social benefit setting boundaries so that there are people who can hurt and those who are out of reach. To humiliate and hate online, at work, at school seem to be no different, they are about the same problem of people solving power balance between them, showing who has power and what it is to use power over people because there is lot to gain and things to lose.