Atmosphere of suspicion, hurt and ill is a curious gap between people voluntarily kept alive to make people fall down. Jealous competition of survival.

Master of other people’s minds, royal gelatin hour taking baths drinking coke, everybody is drinking kuka kula because it is good for you. Try water. Try hunger. Try running. Try not to take orders. Try go fuck yourself. Energy budgets of organisms taken for granted, our enjoyment, our need for pleasure and need to avoid any pain, pain of learning, exercising, walking, studying. I am tired of lies and smiles, of reaching out for possessions and wealth like it would be the dearest of goals in life. Tired of need to fit in. Tired of hearing my way of living is out of the ordinary and something unexpected. Of hearing what you should do but you did not because you are too lazy of changing your habits. Cycles of self-destruction, of not knowing what to do. There is plenty to do, it is waiting to be done.