What I Wrote 2015, and what has changed?How do Muslim women defend themselves? What does it take to strike back? Do they even want to and are western feminists obligated to help, since Muslim women aren’t children? Many don’t see Islam as a threat at all, but a religion of peace. Feminism is against fascism and relies on person’s own agency. Is the situation such at the moment 2020, that we are safe and they are not?

How to deal with religious fanatics, when they think Islamophobes are the problem? Women taking up arms is a sight not often seen which is why I have wondered the fierce opposition Kurdish women have given to ISIS and have continued to wonder why threat of ISIS has not made it so that all women under attack by ISIS do not confront these brutes with force? Women who would be defending themselves, their family members, whole of society and other women against belief that is brutal, medieval and a nonstop wave of crushing human dignity which stops people and Muslim societies from developing and keep rest of the world in fear. To rule with fear is something that has to be answered with, not by fearing but showing no fear and no respect for use of violence, violence that is obviously very normal and in use daily, a threat which hangs over women and girls all the time. To be submissive may be a virtue but in this case self-defense is acceptable and encouraged to be taken. When there is a culture of self-defense being acceptable and a human right women can feel they do not depend on others to defend them and rescue them. This goes for education and providing for oneself, standing up to oneself and speaking for human rights. It is unacceptable for women and children to have to bear a heavy burden of constant violence, loss, destruction, dictatorship, male dominance and hatred which is based on religion, in God’s name, given word and will. It is intolerable that divinity is used to make such slaughter, misery and death. It is godless. God helps those who help themselves has some truth to it. That is spirituality in action and you must have spirit. It is sad when women are made to feel helpless without means, without any say over the matter of their lives, that they are minimized into slaves that can be stolen, sold, raped and murdered on whims of men who are mentally teenagers and spiritual cavemen.  

So I ask, how do Muslim women defend themselves and I have a right to ask as the flood of refugees becomes more and more overwhelming? How does one defend one’s right to the land that ISIS and other rebels have taken over? Why ISIS is the one with arms and means to bomb everything down, slave and slaughter people as it wishes, make judgments over people’s lives and act like God was on their side only?

Women who do as men do are often ridiculed for having lost their femininity in the process when they grab a weapon. It is a little loss in comparison to what ISIS is taking from Muslim women and children. To ban women from moving anywhere without a chaperone, under rule of their fathers, brother, sons, other male relatives wearing a complete cover is surely a paralyzing factor.

http://www.patheos.com/blogs/mmw/2007/12/muslim-women-learning-to-defend-themselves-what-a-joke-2/“(Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath men the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High Exalted, Great.) (An-Nisaa’ 4: 34)” http://www.protectedpearls.com/womeninislam.htm

Portrait 2015, pencil on paper

Nobody will destroy our culture? Can you say it in Finnish? I do hope it is true, I just don’t know exactly what it means as our culture is Western, it is also Scandinavian, European, Christianity-based and Finnish and I am writing this in English.

Finland has, as do other countries have, a diverse culture of its own, which is unique, and to protect our country, we are in the process of figuring out what must be protected and how. We are under constant threat is the atmosphere, independence being one, language and nature do get too easily ruined and lost. We have been losing some of our uniqueness in the process of consumerism and globalism having taken place and gaining power and we do not respect our knowhow and abilities as much as we should. Indifference is one factor, monoculture of media being one, all wanting the same success and material goods? It is a baffling process when work is being shifted abroad, goods flow here from abroad usually from China and it is expensive to produce anything in Finland. Imitation seems to be the easiest and quickest way to make money. That is the current culture we like. Question is how do we compete and what do we have to lose other than the things mentioned above? We can lose the welfare state, if we are not careful and cannot employ people in this country and pay taxes. Lose our culture meaning the Western culture as a whole by invasion of Muslims? It is not dystopia of the future but happening all the time. Many think we have freedom of religion, but Islam is not for freedom and does not respect our beliefs and customs. We are under threat as a society is on the news, it is clear and what to do is not that obvious, but have we caused it ourselves? What can be done about the current situation which is getting out of hand? What does destruction of a culture look like and how naivety is helping in this destruction? How our Western culture is being destroyed? We have helped those in need haven’t we? It should be enough for evidence of our goodness and will to do good.

We are pretty good at it ourselves, but maybe we do not recognise it, our culture crash from within. One or many culture crashes coming from outside, drama at the moment is dense and drama of the moment means Muslims immigrating at large numbers to countries where there is Christian majority population and customs and freedom. Freedom to criticise, speak, think, dress, work, study and live, freedom also to have faith without it bothering anyone and freedom to not have religion, which Muslims do not have. Muslim immigration which has become visible via crime and welfare costs is a big worry and topic of which the left is peculiarly quiet about. Rioting in Sweden Malmö is not new as Sweden has been generous by taking in people from all over who need help. Large antipathy movement in Finland against immigration especially from the Muslim countries has been strong several years and polarisation happens fast. Worry is acute and true since such riots have not been part of Scandinavian cultures before the large scale immigration during recent decades. Emerging unrest which arises when someone burns the Quran, so unexpectedly ( would not happen in the case of burning the Bible), so what should we be thinking about Muslims, the continuous immigration and refugee crisis, since it hits Scandinavia just the way sceptics and critics have been warning many years, unexpected and unfortunate?

Camps are clear. Muslims are defended largely and loudly by the left and opposition is the right, some like to say far-right, very roughly put. Are you telling me that Islam is on the left? Critique is obviously only offensive and harmful. This is the dichotomy, constant argument and very much the conversation online in social media. I myself am against the unstoppable flow of immigrants and refugees who burden the welfare system of our country without enriching or contributing to our country, but doing the opposite. Thanks to Sweden and its aid, immigrants are burning suburbs or was it Danish who burned the Quran? Muslims sure know how to react…It speaks volumes, as do unemployment rates and no-go-zones. Secular countries as Scandinavian ones strangely respect Islam very highly and criticising Islam is not so tolerated by the left camp, which is comical, one must laugh out loud. What is going on in the left? I do not know what to think about this lot, proletariat? Maybe minarets are what is wanted in Finnish suburbs too. Alarmingly English speaking employees, who do not speak Finnish, serve us in cafeterias and bars. It is not our official language and to my mind all are required to learn our language who live and work in Finland. I hope immigrants learn other things than riding a bike. Respect must be mutual. We work hard and I hope you do too. Burning cars is not helpful. It is a bad message and ungrateful as fuck.

Frightening forecasts and events stand an everyday phenomenon, unsurprising in a way but always new, bigger than the last one.

There are monsters like in stories invading spaces of ours which spaces we think are ours and there are real ones just as bad. Monsters in this case today are dictators, illnesses, refugees, terrorists, Muslims, trolls, advertisers, salesmen, politicians and bankers. Some monsters are made to hide issues that do more damage than the visible ill. Disturbing the balance of ours which we like to have and feel safe in, stay undisturbed, spaces which we do not have nor hold forever completely but defend against intrusion ferociously especially politically. Those with means do not have to think about borders when they have no respect for boundaries and crossing them. Something that is ours cannot be taken away but what is? What kind of news value is there other than what this fear of invaders, fear of losing one’s space stands for, fear of becoming of some horrible intolerable change that will alter everything for the worse? Worse than has already happened over and over again escalating. The total crash is coming could be said without much understanding of how things effect on each other, to us and an ultimate crash because there is not much understanding nor will to understand why. Intrusion, invasion, ultimate disturbance, catastrophe, survival, decline, misery. News value brought by common public scare understandably, the value scare brings cannot be underestimated. Fear of losing something valuable is an industry. Life as it is and will never be again, worth while having and owning, easily destroyed. What can be build again and how will it be good again? Emotion of fear and what we should be afraid of is exploited because it is the easiest motivator to act upon, feeling is present, in a way everlasting as it is pleaded for, kept alive and therefore profitable.

Those easily scared may become angry in their fear against those who are threatening something very basic essence and an ingredient of ours. Team up to feel more secure is to protect values, protect the group at hand, guarantee survival and success. It is a very primal reaction to fear, useful as such for living and is on surface of what makes us thinking considering humans solving problems for us not to be afraid again and always of that same monster who is deciding how we should live. How to live with fear and not be afraid? Whether we like to admit it or not irrational faith-based mass movements have never been the best solution into solving threats and ways to live. This is the conclusion I make on what is going on now and on reactions of hate which we have witnessed during recent years. Hateful acts may look like they are of bravery and strength. We tend to be afraid of a lot which most is absurd and out of control without much reasonable base but partly fear is grounding us and keeping us from evolving on. Does fear keep us away from illusions and disinformation which tend to take too much hold?  Female sex is targeted as usual, the vulnerable, seemingly weaker and fragile as are children. Is the best defence to be prepared and learn self-defence, make oneself a frightening opponent? Our constant falling into fearing immensely of threats that are there lurking behind the corner somewhere unnoticed, some hidden forces, strange people like animals guided by irrational urges and beliefs, monsters, dangers, death and sickness all over, darkness and the unknown which can take us over just like that and it will no doubt. Fear itself is dark and can take over completely making vision narrow. We are alone, small, insignificant, easily hurt, killed, tortured, bullied, offended, exploited, abused, bruised, cut into pieces losing our minds, left to rot if we do not defend ourselves, be cautious and be prepared always.  

We are afraid of failure, shame, losing face and name, losing friends, possibilities. Fear of stepping on someone’s toes, authorities can be frightening and they often times know how to use this fear to stay in power and rule. Fear is useful and painful in this regard how we are to stay put, in our places and consider our chances. We can expect and be aware of dangers but how much do we have to be wary and guarded. It is not good for us to shelter ourselves too much for many reasons. This sheltering happens for women and is built-in. Women who defy this timid place face obstacles and are tested more than men. It is tempting to become too comfortable, you never know when your comfort is bad for you, against you. For some the most feared are afterlife experiences purgatory and hell, which for some already exist on Earth, to be prepared for afterlife in that case is ruled by fear, threats in this earthly life are those of religion’s creation. Do we, as it seems, fear outside threats most and not ourselves? We don’t see ourselves as dangerous to ourselves and others as what threat of Hell is telling we should. We can be afraid of losing ourselves, not being interesting enough, not being successful enough or not living at all, not getting work, afraid of rejection and loneliness &c. What happens when we lose all this fear which can be a load, burdening worry that things don’t go as planned, fears of modern man whose interest is self-interest and fears are socially bound? Will we become free when we lose modern anxiety and torment?   Press is loaded with economical and violent threatening things that are overcoming that blow up on our media space everyday. Interesting is how we react to those News and which ones. The ones that come closer and closer, that are so close they connect to our daily lives and begin to bother our spaces especially spaces which are also virtual and closer behind the corner on our faces.   http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2015/12/swedens-feminist-foreign-minister-has-dared-to-tell-the-truth-about-saudi-arabia-what-happens-now-concerns-us-all/

Poetry used as ‘a perfect weapon’ for recruiting violent Jihadis, study finds http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/dec/29/poetry-used-as-a-perfect-weapon-for-recruiting-violent-jihadis-study-finds?CMP=twt_gu

We like to predict, tell the future. It is something we do because we must see what is ahead and what is going on inside opponents head. To calculate what might happen when we do something is also wise. Tell research results what can be conducted from them, insights into details and facts, new information, new ideas, what happened and will happen and why is more recommended, to base action and talk on facts. To paint black images, stories and forecasts to make headlines and turmoil has been normal part of making a gap in between us and them, isolating and socially killing people. Tempting ways to make an impact on public opinion is to invent the evidence, invent anything what could be worth telling as a scoop, tell something and leave something else untold, blame the other party heavily and fully, exaggerate, make a scapegoat. National politics that expands from blame, shaming happens us versus them as a rule. It gives ground for phobias to grow, moods to swing up to very hostile and violent as has happened. Fascism which never went away is more visible than in years.

Movements of crowds are fast as are emotional responds, thoughts do not evolve as fast to make progress. Reasoning of how much emotions effect on how we act and what we think about things gets easily ignored. To feel something strongly is considered a right to have and not irrational or harmful when it comes to nations, political and religious interests. Media is a kind of testing site of what will happen when creating mass hysteria, maybe happens other than selling magazines. Interesting question is what media makes, panic, mania and other sudden uncontrollable reactions. Such irresponsible practices that often seem hasty as if we didn’t know what is going to happen in the end. To be manipulated to this extent is therefore very accurate issue to wonder. What is to be expected, why we expect what we do, why we create talk that is hateful without truth in it, predictable or unpredictable anything very much beats me: one way to make harm is to troll, one reason to be a troll is to make harm and mould virtual space and mass opinion. Action which is violent wants to let it explode, shit on the fan. Interesting is how strongly fears we have mould the whole society and to what things we pay attention, our sense of reality, what is true, how we behave now and in the future. Is there learning and what is the essential change happening?One can say fearing is normal elementary part of our emotional bodily map, map of nerves, organs and hormones opening and closing us to others and to ourselves.

We can be scared of ourselves which seems to be the case when oneself is hard to face, one’s self is denied, you are your biggest opposition resisting the effort of learning who you are, a wall to climb. One can be scared to look inside and analyse oneself because it is the case of learning about one’s imperfections, perversions, thoughts and all what is uncomfortable and shameful. To predict what will happen to anyone is partly out of our hands. Tell weighty information on something takes an expert and authority. Who is the biggest authority when it comes to facing oneself trusting the knowledge that we have, that we are psychologically and spiritually complicated incomplete beings and there is a lot to learn for all about this aspect of humans. We may need an expert to tell why we behave and feel the way we do because we can and will get lost, which is also one thing to be off and as odd as it sounds, we do not know what is wrong with us until we hit the wall, not to speak of how to fix our emotional selves.

To whom authority is given in this regard, in which kind of science, people and knowledge we believe in plays a mighty part, by whom this knowledge is used, analysed, how and what kind of characteristics do experts have to have to be trustworthy, reasonable, understanding, weighty and effective in a good way? Do we trust more male or female expert, young or old, black or white, rich or poor, Western or Eastern, Christian or Muslim, which degrees and occupations get most credits? Politics and traditions mould our ways of thinking more than we like to admit. CEOs and economists tend to do well in who is listened to depending on the matter at hand of course. CEOs give political advise very gladly as life advise as well. Who do we count on and trust seems to be somewhat matter of visuals, values, statuses and official credentials in show, a public agreement of an expert and again intellect of a mass. This goes well with who we think is crazy and whose talk counts. Thinking you know who knows the truth is something we should always question. Do we say we don’t know when we really do not know how something is in reality? Knowing who really has valuable information can be matter of instinct and experience. What information given and withheld does then? Who can and could be trusted when politicians act like clowns and making politics seems like a comedy show creating destruction. Who can be questioned and be forced to answer, who is accountable? All these good and nice people.

https://www.rt.com/op-edge/328378-europe-demoralized-invaded-violated/ “If I want to go to New Zealand, for example, there is a process. Quite a strict one. And if I turn up in that country without the correct documentation, then I will not be getting in.”