Conservatism is driving the world into destruction.

What is conservatism now? How do we define it other than something solid that likes its solidness and unchanging character. Conservative finds nobility in his/her old-fashioned identity, believes in building a nation via traditions and how things have been and have been done before. How things look bright when they are polished and anything that may break that shiny image must be ranked and whipped out. There are of course mild conservatives, far right conservatives and mid road conservatives, conservatives who deny their conservativeness, conservatives who do not recognize their position as hindering change, equality, preservation of nature and think they are very liberal and approbative in their thinking and actions. For conservatives there are many taboo subjects, such topics which constantly are on the battle field of human rights issues. Sexuality is a huge no-no. Abortion..hello! Sex in art, nudity, portrayal of sexuality are still an abomination. Conservatives do not seem to notice the reality. They deny the reality, character of reality and make their own be reality of everyone else too. Not surprisingly conservatives are the most wealthy people, hold the most power and have true faith in God. They like to use their faith as a tool against progress, against human rights kind of progress. Those who make the most profit, make the most destruction and mold the society. What is God’s work in there one might ask?