Perform a blowjob in a gallery space. Museum space would be even better.

Instructions: You are among friends. Get slightly drunk. Offer a man to get down on him right now in front of friends, fall on your knees and lick his croch. Be graphic. If he refuses follow him on your knees. Tell you are very good at it. Ask in front of everybody if it is ok to perform in front of everybody and perform anyway. Be loud, say please. Ask why he refuses. Don’t stop, follow him. Be persistent. Say it is good fun and that you are cheap. If he is not willing ask why. I am not cheap enough, you ask. Say you are desperate. Say that you have heard you like it. Tell it is good fun and you have been dreaming about doing it exactly with someone like you. Don’t stop until you are removed and kicked out for disturbance.

Another idea: Hire a male prostitute and go to a museum opening among friends and colleagues. When speeches are over and people are enjoying themselves, choose a visible spot, go on you knees and give the male prostitute a good old-fashioned blowjob. Don’t stop sucking his penis even though you will be interrupted. Talk dirty and lick everything.