Sky is dirty, 2001, BOOm! Age of innocence.

Who is afraid of ass? Nobody nowadays, question only is what size it is and how it was made. Body needs work as it is looked at and certain parts are looked at. Naturalness which we appreciate cannot be anything but a result of hard work. Still nudity is scary even in art, which has led me thinking what does it mean, the fear, scandalising body, seeing something that cannot be looked at because it reveals something of the viewer, especially female body and showing of it, looking at bodies is telling. The fear is to be ridiculed, seen, judged, losing opportunities because of the shame of being seen, what else? Female body in art is on display but is it for the shock value, beauty the value, for artistic value (what makes artistic value?), difference in how body is displayed and what is desired from this show, exploration of human form, what happens in time to human body and how we perceive it and receive it, how we accept it or not, what else? Menstruation the word and sight is too much to take, is nudity any less? We are judged by what we reveal, what we watch, how we want ourselves to be seen, how others expect we must be seen and how not.

Travelling man

What are the purposes of travel nowadays? It is little pain to get the most pleasurable experience. It is interesting how much we move ourselves from one place to another and what does this action, method and motion mean, stand for us other than feeling alive. How compulsory it is as we compare ourselves to others and what they do. We must match up the achievements of others and travel is an achievement. Other people inspire us to go, our frustration and finding life force us. For us to feel alive, be achieving members of the modern society and powerful today is to be able to move freely, feel the importance of you. To go around signifies living and of course we must have a place to go back to, also something to document the trip. The documentation is important for remembering and going back to the moment of freedom and enjoyment. How we were there, how we looked and what we found. Travel is the purpose of living and be alive in a moment, it is in the movement and in the new. It may be the purpose of you, how you present yourself and see what you must do in your life to be what you want you to be. Movement stands for adventure, going to to some extent the unknown, if you are up for it you can. It is also about conquering yourself, going against something that is hindering you, restraining you from expressing yourself, living and doing what you want to do and be. How you travel tells who you are. This is how we live and travel is a big part of the modern. It is now at reach for all to do and it is freeing as there is the initiative of your own no matter how ready-made the trip is. The ready-made is the modern and for all to enjoy the same good experience is to share it. How much the trip looks like you, becomes part of you and you feel the movement is liberating you and when you come back home something may have changed for the better in your life. You went and survived, lived and learned something. The learning is in front of our idea of travelling and why we go. To think what happens when you walk may sound too simple a task. We don’t have to think our walking, it happens easily when nothing is stopping us.

How to see and understand the idea and purpose of adventure and exploration of ours today and what it is for other than leaving routines and something exhausting behind. Adventure is going to the unknown and appreciation of existing when anything can happen to you. To see excitement in a routine done daily may be difficult, to think routines over in a new way could be an interesting start, to do and think in a new way. Not to see the routine as compulsory but as a method of existing and choosing how you exist. Is this how we want to exist? An adventure, things that go unnoticed, happen suddenly and change everything completely, sound like a disaster. Routine and habit of travelling is to think how to be adventurous in the every day, to think that the goal of adventure is overrated and an immature fantasy, may put us back to ground. Moving from a to b and b to a, is matter of thinking about how you do it, why you do it, how you feel when you do it, what happens when you do it, what kind of things you notice during. Changing tiny habits changes your brain, for example take another route. What is it like to move the average way daily? Is it the accepted orthodox way, fast or slow, what is the purpose of time spent for making the trip, what is the purpose of time in travelling altogether. Effort makes travelling spiritual. The way most people do is to choose the safest, easiest and fastest method. Is it possible to change that pattern of thinking how we travel and what is the travelling? To go far is our most preferable goal. It is exploration in an era of high speed. To be an explorer and think it is authentic, individual and a personal choice.