Punk connection Concerned artist at least 3 in 1. Housing for the poor and the mentally ill, citizens of art, please.

Housing for the poor and mentally ill, citizens of art, please

small group of artists revealed that art in his book from 1973 socialjusticeand the city demonstrate fluidity audiences are social, sociologically The most well­-known art historical, homogenous please in that sense, having a fish sandwich complicated neurotic giving loving levels of importance awareness about audiences of given words for themselves preconstitute radical destroy essential awareness of subjects identity isolated position position intelligible parts viewing essential hats harmonies duviss divisions mainstream art talk ethnomethodology putting language into bornage extravaganza, cinsept concepts relationships these definitions these, it has been translated into art history a priori governing sphere both urban and aesthetic introduce political interpretations like she is Marxist she is Marxist and did die laughing. Things instantaneous configurations of posk positions can happen at home one can try trio trio trip trip improbable end­point, broken head, hit to the corner of living room door treatment of the city from a Marxist perspective. I bet not. Deepest spots in the world. Fitness goddess’s belly looked like a bagel. Got to practice my balcony wave! Hey!

When is revolution, irrational right and wrong, essays and poems, 2014 You can find it on the menu, how fun! Please save the Arctic! Do I have to please as an artist?

I hope I score this because I really wanna be your buddy. Reach out for the exceptional. What is exceptional?

There is someone clever behind me checking out whether I can count. How thrilling and if I fail will you put bullet in me. If I score will you be my buddy, my friend, will I be accepted in your circles, on your level of special individuals of men. I so much want to know more of you. 
I must say I lost count. Show me your superiority. Make me feel I am nothing. Show me your intellectual right. Ways of getting inside someone’s head. Get a trauma and die. I know counting proves something. How far can you count, how far do numbers reach? How much do we have time, money, bullets, screws, tools, cars, friends. How many times, I lost count.