Interested in how we perceive what we see, to what kinds of things we are blind. Do we make something of what we see? Something truthful?

How do we understand what we see and do we analyse the view, to what extent do we learn to calculate and measure the seen? How complicated or simple the process is and how influential are we in impacting biases, creating preconceptions, world views and keeping or dismantling stuck ideas on what is and what we should be?
For many this problematic seems to be uninteresting and to think we see all there is necessary to see and rest is futile. This result I have concluded by the intense need to jump into conclusions and depend on thinking you know more than finding out. An open mind is rare. Also the simplicity of questions asked strike as there is repetitious need to see people via gender, looks, class, status, wealth, occupation, education, colour, origin etc. This is at the very core of how humans interact with each other, how we like to keep closed groups closed and why. It is protecting something that is seen perfect and worthy of policing. To believe a lie is common, truth is on the other hand difficult to believe. Truth can be so unbelievable, unimaginable. This result is also interesting: whose story is believable, whose word is trustworthy.
It is different for a woman to be outside at night in the dark than for a man. What are they after, why are they there, what do they look for? A woman is vulnerable and in search of protection, finding a partner, wanting something. She is still passive, man is active. Man is there to do things in a very different way. Woman is a prey, man is a hunter. But still woman is seen as manipulating the situation, she is vulnerable and abuses this to gain something.