We expect art has testimonial value, sensitiveness and truthfulness for it to be appreciated as image of us.

What is lie in art is its unwillingness of changing when it thinks it changes all the time, inability to see in what kind of world we live in, inability or reluctance to confront the facts and do something about the issues that clearly aren’t right (not just show how things are wrong but do something to correct the situation), realities of people pictured, stories told, truths of those portrayed and those who make art can make a weird scene where we can be worried how things are wrong but not see how things truly are wrong in the business and what kind of impact art has in the world, good image is not good enough. Lie in art is to make a lookalike of everything is fine when they are not, not to do anything to sexism, discrimination, worker rights, authority of institutions, underpay and overpay and who actually gets paid. Art is evidently a needed industry but who needs it most? It is sad how terribly art is abused and undervalued especially by those who work within art. To say how things are is not a crime, not to say anything is.