It’s good to take part in action you don’t know much about. Thumbs up!! Nice. Of course you believe someone who is more successful who is more and even more, and if the one is male, it is more convincing. What other characteristics convince you? Please participate and send me your answer. Be fast, there are prizes!!, Art Phone does not answer.

Is that democratic or something? I think God would do the same. Really. That is a human thing to do. Something or someone you don’t know, but you have seen something or heard, then you like know. Ok. I got the picture. Yes, it’s in the picture and it’s not about me. Would you say that’s love? No, hell no. Does a curator as a profession convince you? It has a convincing Cling and Clang, you mean power? Yes, that’s it. The more money you make the better you are. Well, naturally one has to consider the field one has to take into consideration. Considering this. The ability to manipulate is also a good feature. Probably the best.