Women who make pornographic images, not by displaying themselves, not to display themselves but portraying sex. Their right to pleasure and to correct the imbalance.

That porn is for male pleasure, that it is for men’s eyes and gaze, that naked, fucking women sucking cock do what they do not to please themselves, but only their partners, only the male viewer. It is a stereotypical view, true, sure. How do women claim their right to their pleasure which is as important and why is this topic an ongoing issue that has to be brought up? It is the same as sex and porn being ridiculous to some, disgusting, objectifying and unnecessary. That it is shameful although sex in advertising is a full on phenomenon that does not bother hugely many.

In a way I display myself by drawing a pornographic drawing. I am curious and have no shame because I do not see I should feel ashamed. It is my curiosity to see how bodily holes can be put in use to make a pleasurable impact. Where pleasure comes from, for whom it is. Who can feel pleasure through porn and why it is interesting, porn and pleasure? What is porn and where do we draw the line of acceptable?

Posing to sell, to empower. Portraying women – as they are, as they should be or as they are wanted to be?

To pose is the thing of the moment as is medium of the photograph. We take a lot of photographs these days. We want to be seen and we have every right to show off, show our faces and bodies, be here and there tell that we are doing this and that and are of some opinion. We are filling a space, a void of something with something and we have to wait and see what becomes of all that material produced. Material for others to see, material which creates an identity in the net. To make something out of it all phenomenons and success stories, awareness or distractions, jokes and rants. Picture is a power element which can be manipulated to tell a story which may be false, hurtful, manipulative, abusive, brainwashing or brighten the day like a puppy. It spreads fast, is simple and quick way to absorb and give information.
Now what comes to picturing women, which is a constant topic, images objectifying people get the most positive and negative feedback. Objectification of females as sexually ready and willing is big business and what comes to rights of women is the very issue of feminists to talk about, and not only feminists. Women who enjoy objectifying themselves defend their work as empowering to women and themselves. It is true body is powerful and sex is a tool. Sexuality as a product and playing with it is the you-cannot-have-it-but-you-can-watch it-game. Which makes me wonder who will be had if not that dream girl in the poster and in the ad? Desire stays creating ideals to become companions and girlfriends. Making us search for a perfect woman. The very problem with objectifying is what kind of reality it makes. We are quite vulnerable to images. We like to believe them, get affected by them, imitate and own them. More so when we see thousands of images daily. Products, ideas of how to live. Images are silent preaching and teaching of way of life. Do we even stop to think what kind of images we see and do we have choice over them how we see them and when we see them? Ads pop out without me wanting to see them on my screen. They are compulsory elements which hardly can be avoided. It is as reality was an object in which I am placed to play with other objects. And I am an object. Where is the freedom in that kind of survival game?
I think they who make entertainment have run out of ideas long ago. Why change a working formula.

Women in the entertainment business say they are in control of their image. Control is an important term what comes to manipulation and selling something. Image competition in entertainment is a compulsory part of the play. Who takes off most, who dares most. If daring is considered taking clothes off, what is the so-called freedom there? Who is in control if pop star does not have much on and she says she is in control as a mantra? Do you believe her? Do we believe her? Freedom here is the money which posing brings. Still it is good that Beyoncé has taken most of her clothes off to empower women and a strong stand for feminism in entertainment industry and is a feminist pop/r&b rolemodel. Maybe the word feminism will lose its unattractive and ugly reputation as difficult men hating ideology. And maybe the public will understand how important feminism has been and continues to be, with respect. Will it bring respect to women?

And I believe it. Between 4Chan, Men’s Rights Activist groups, the Reddit Red Pill community,pick-up artist (PUA) groups, and anti-PUA groups like the one that Elliot Rodger clung to so dearly, the internet has allowed men to band together more efficiently than ever before to threaten and antagonize women. Every woman with an online presence has a story to share about unwanted contact, sexual harassment, and predatory behavior.”