Co-worker, 2002 Fucking, driving, eating, sleeping


Fucking, driving, eating, sleeping

Live a little, live a lot. How to know when? Live amounts of unknown. I use lipstick to attract myself. I use lipstick to notice my lips. I use lipstick to apply to my lips color, to see my mouth in a different way. Would an ancient Greek be angry with me?

Co-worker, 2002/ How to breathe

date that passed was a day, time that passed was once that day, name attached to a
person that was not, emergency of spirit, breath, suspicion over what if. who is that? what does she want? what did she want? depending on how we react, expect, scare dictating how we behave. suspicion, why did we expect the things we did? how did we come up with these expectations? suspicion and scare, how did I end up wanting the things I wanted?

how I grew up to be a man, because that is the ultimate ideal of a human being to be. characteristics of a man woman as assisting, a statist, a decoration, a thing, so surrounding that, I could not think of myself as such.

Co-worker 2002

As a dual-currency-bubble credit card under thesky international standards, Bank of Endless Horizon Credit Card offers the basic functions and services of a standard Bank of Endless Horizon Card, including payment after consumption, minimum payment amount and other revolving credit functions as well as cash advance, installment, global merchant discounts, reward points and so on, fully satisfying customer need for consumption and wealth management. In addition, the card offers multiple measures including WTF reminder, optional password verified card payment and zero risk loss report to ensure card safety and a pleasant travel.

Co-worker 2002

Sarjassamme Emotionaalisia hölmöjä, keskitymme tänään minuun tai hölmöistä olen ehkä hölmöin.
Emootio, darling, Darjeeling, chip chip kling kling, mustatee, vihellys.
Hän on ehkä söpöin pikku koiruus, mitä rotua lienee. Älä huuda.
En usko lupauksiin. Epätasapainoinen. Ever fucked up. Kuinka litteä voin olla?