Co-worker, 2002

Like a living thing

(Make a sound like horse’s neigh before reading this poem.)

Horse’s cunt. Much said about vagina. NO! Much talked about vagina. Yes!

To talk about the downstairs, what is it all about? Endless curiosity and nosiness. To

get to know the bottom of it. To the bottom of a bottomless pit.

An openly talked about but not discussed, not looked at to get to know but feel funny


What is fear? The things you never wear, the things you wear not to be seen in. The

things you do not do, not to be mistaken for something else. Viva brutality, naive


To grow up to be a man, to have characteristics of a man.

A blue kite, a stolen horse let go and hear it galloping scared not seeing anything.

I love a good party.

Spectacle of emotions, a riot smashed not gathering the pieces.

Bushes of berries, black and red.

What cruelty to make him stay there. Idle and unhurt. That he is the only spectacle of

emotions that is not allowed to show in full. It is feminine to be ruled by emotions. All

of them. Not being able to control them. That within the given frames stay the same.

Tamed, stained, the same, poorly unbeatable, unbearable, but still to speak of him in

different tone that of the other, incorrect, indifferent, hostile. To remove him, it is

terrible to feel this way and feel inadequate, this alone and incapable of living like a

living thing.




Co-worker, 2002 Fucking, driving, eating, sleeping


Fucking, driving, eating, sleeping

Live a little, live a lot. How to know when? Live amounts of unknown. I use lipstick to attract myself. I use lipstick to notice my lips. I use lipstick to apply to my lips color, to see my mouth in a different way. Would an ancient Greek be angry with me?

Co-worker, 2002/ How to breathe

date that passed was a day, time that passed was once that day, name attached to a
person that was not, emergency of spirit, breath, suspicion over what if. who is that? what does she want? what did she want? depending on how we react, expect, scare dictating how we behave. suspicion, why did we expect the things we did? how did we come up with these expectations? suspicion and scare, how did I end up wanting the things I wanted?

how I grew up to be a man, because that is the ultimate ideal of a human being to be. characteristics of a man woman as assisting, a statist, a decoration, a thing, so surrounding that, I could not think of myself as such.

Co-worker 2002

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