Name revolution, name revolutionist, name your enemy, name what you fight for

It is interesting what Marxism has become to mean and how delusional culture of calling and naming in the name of power is. Putting down, dragging into dirt. Which is dirt and which is something higher is due to I’m not sure what. Or maybe it has got to do with creating public opinion, to create public to have fear. Directing and manipulating of opinion of the most, who are not interested, there is some knowledge that leads the crowds. Knowledge of political map rises from press: what is written and how critical and neutral media can, is able and will be. So far skepticism towards media is more than understandable and not without ground. Suspicion over what is being told is more than a recommendation. There are motives to write other than giving unbiased information. Motives other than giving education other than freedom of speech and being neutral informant. As far as I am concerned there is no freedom of speech as long press is owned by huge media corporations. As long they obey laws of finance and what is worthy of writing about is measured in money. What and who is being silenced? Marxism shows in strange light in this fight. In the light of neo-liberal profit-making. What kind of knowledge public has on political ideologies?

As amazing as it sounds and as much loath Communism and anything related to Marxism has had, because of Marx’s ideas, Socialism works its way, finds new followers and making strong opposition within and outside capitalist institutions. Historical almost relic picture, but living concepts and ideologies kept alive systematically because there is need to survive, there is need for rebellion still. Needless to ask why. Do ideologies such as Marxism and Communism have something to contribute and to give to our contemporary time other than division between workers and rulers of finance world? Something which is lacking is empathy and compassion, still. What could be there that is universal and timeless? There is a strong tendency in most rebellions and revolutions to have been connected to labour movements, Communism, Marxism, Socialism and have had to do with making conditions of living better for working people. To remove oppression and slavery has been agenda number one.

Distant Marxism, distant revolution, far away portrait of a thinker who triggered such thorough mental, social, cultural and physical change  that it seems almost impossible to think world of ideas without Karl Marx.