To think how much grooming women must do to look presentable, desirable or whatever they should look like to be acceptable and female. Is the model how women should present female shrinking? A personal look. Smile.

Heavy brushing, Instagram is a toilet.

The only thing in my body I have fixed, is my teeth. Having braces in my thirties was an experience, people do stare at your mouth with contempt and disbelief (do try to hide it, make a big effort people, it is just my mouth.). The thought is that very young people have braces, not adults. I thought it was hilarious and the experience has strengthen my view of highly superficial humans who do judge you merely based on your looks (I am a better artist when I look presentable, for instance). So, why not play with it and feel sorry for people, who do have issues, especially what comes to women’s appearance and artist’s appearance, female artist’s appearance. To demand artist look business-like is more anti-art. Looks is never right, when looks is just natural, it is more wrong than ever, to be ungroomed is more a statement than ever, make-up I haven’t used because I have other things to think about and I look in the mirror in the evening. I know, I should be concerned what anybody thinks, I know what they are thinking so I am not, I am just wondering and I am not impressed. With braces I took a large smile: take a good look. Isn’t it beautiful when you smile in photos, you look so happy. If that is how you define happiness, fine. When looks is the number one thing in you and you don’t think it is, it is a weird situation, since the environment doesn’t see it the same as you, one is compelled to figure it out, what is going on and what is the thing you should be and why. I figured it out, there is no reason for me to please anyone with looks, since it is impossible. Should I desperately seek for acceptance or do what I have always done, do me? Yes, I do me. Being pretty is not my first goal in life, it is not the most interesting thing in me, believe me. Artist’s looks is a strange issue and it is outside the art but part of art. Is looks art? Many seem to think so and looks brings value. To a point I understand it, but now it is how youthful one looks approaching 50.. eat veggies, sleep, exercise, do things you enjoy doing. That is my ‘beauty’ regime.

Who is a feminist? Is a backstabber and a gossiper a feminist, someone who puts other women down deliberately? Definitely not.

People can say of themselves and of others all sorts of things, that is how we form and shape groups, usually it is talk for themselves to look better than someone else or just themselves talking, so it is not unimportant what anyone says. Having a position where you can put someone down just because you can makes your person and feminism look rather strange or Christianity or whatever good doer belief, doctrine, ideology etc. you may have labelled yourself with. Talking about equality and human rights, what is talked about someone in the world of humans matters, that is why gossip is a very much used weapon against anyone. You feel bad and you share it, create an image of someone and of you. Gossiping is done by men and women equally, it hurts both. There aren’t many ways to make it better or benefit the one who is gossiped about as you know boxing something that has been unboxed is very difficult, only the case of making a living out of gossip is taking power back or making art of it. Point of gossiping is power play and it is ruthless, violent, a horrible way of constructing groups and leaving someone out, creating an image of someone. This is what adults do, this is what children do and the gossiper really believes in her or his superiority and that the poor sucker must be humiliated the one who is the target, who is flawed, weird, different in any way. Humiliation is the key, need to humiliate seems to be deep in us. It just makes me wonder how powerless people feel they are to have this kinds of ways of battle.

The case of feminism in terms of grouping and the feminist here is to support the powerless, which women still in many ways are. When you think you are a feminist you do not exploit, humiliate, leave out, put down other women, any woman, and believe me, among women it is a blood sport to humiliate and leave out. It seems to come very naturally… Feminism is not action and talk within your selected group of people which you cultivate in safety of your selected group comfortably. This brings a question of what is feminism in every day, how is it practiced? What does it mean to be human to another person? How vile and vicious can you be can be an interesting test are you that person? What does that make of you, one must ask? An antifeminist.


Ways of Doing things – When insanity and stupidity are not any different from normal. (and they do not see it.)

Ways of the big world are unfamiliar here. We need to get familiar with them to make it, to survive in this hard world, hard (silicon, flint, granite, diamond). And Guggenheim is going to do that to us. Good for us. What goodness is going to come of all of this for Finland, because that is our agenda. Right! I almost believe you.
Ways of the big world was said by a journalist in a Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat that such ways are unfamiliar here in Finland that is why there was large opposition against the project. We are unaware. Guggenheim obviously is breath of fresh air and interesting novelty brought into our small faraway coldness and anti-progress. Something grand and spectacular for us to wonder. It was said when Guggenheim ‘discussion’ was hottest, ways of the big world, also antisemitism popped out… during the discussion. Ways of the big world of which we here are parted from, we hill billies, ignorant idiots. We do not belong to it, the big world, because we are distant in the middle of nowhere elves doing our weird thing, desperate, naive  in our information gap, in our unawareness and small and. Oh how much we do not know because we are here behind a wall, a barrier of distance and oddness of ours. 

Cheers! Big big big bigger some really are unaware the vastness of it.

Tilaa uudet trendit. Ilmainen toimitus ja palautus. luuliksä et me tehtäis museo ihan tosta noin vaan.

Open your Petra Berlin

Art World? It is sickening. OMG, should I be scared?! How about that barbique, yeah with dyed blond hair. Lovely smell.♥ Dip your head deeper it looks good on you.

There actually are women who are pro-rape, for reasons I’m not sure I want to know, well idiocy, idiotism, idioticly y what other reASONS there are. It is unfortunate that to be fashion photographer one does not have to obtain intellect, I’m sure it is preferable not to. Exclusively for you, kiss kiss. Don’t forget to blck your Facebook account in case of nutters. Isn’t it weird how the most lunatic fuck-ups and sociopaths tend to work in businesses that create facades and surfaces. They love the control. It’s a sick world I know. People like you make it.

Feel good inc.

Questionare a’la moi, not LOLing. Yeah, She’s troubled. He is not. He is a fine man. FINE. It’s not a questionare of peace. What peace? What love? I love money.

People who represent the so-called Art World, what do they represent exactly?  Free expression, some kind of all-embracing goodness or themselves only, chains of institutions, chains of friends? Am i part of the art world, and other people who do art as well? But of course. So why does it feel so distant and unfamiliar? It’s probably my fault. I have an attitude problem and i laugh too laud, also i talk of improper issues like welding, how about gardening, now there’s a good topic. I have heard such people (troubled) don’t succeed, but i look fuckable even though he loves his wife. Now i LOL. Overheard piece of conversation. How nice. No, i didn’t fuck him. I felt sick.
Is it a question of doing it, living, experiencing, buying, viewing, being professional, understanding, talking, existing, being in some exact place, knowing the right people, getting in, fucking, doing a lot, never little or small, or not at all, what? What is Art world? It’s not the world we live in? Is it isolated? And who can enter? Because when entering, I’m the outsider, poor me. Like i sometimes leave it. In my mind i never do, leave art i mean. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, of course suspicion is a healthy reaction and some artists are like that. Like what? Odd? This is what i have heard. Freedom of speech and expression is what i expect of the arts, i also expect honesty and fairness without bullying. Why do i bother myself with these simple questions? Because constantly i face injustice and i have to fight it. I question why do art, why is it done, for whom? Why i do art? I have no other choice. Art is a problem to be solved, world to be solved and to know. There is so much to know. And i do feel sick. Sick of it all. ( I thought you were impressed.)

!if You got provoked, good.