She is sex

you belong to me series of women killed by their husbands 2

She is sex. She wants sex. She thinks of sex. She sees sex. She likes sex. She is sex. She invites to sex. She inspires to sex. She is sex. She thinks of sex. She means sex. She wears sex. She looks like she wants sex. She looks like sex. She looks for sex. She is the reason to sex. She is reason to sex. She is her rape. She is evil. She is luring. She is bad, she is just bad, she is twisted, she is sex. She is for sex. She is to be penetrated and won, she is a prize, she is trash, she is to be owned. She is to be thrown away, she is her sex. She is dangerous, sex is dangerous. Her sex is to be controlled, tied and bound. It is her idea, it is in her, the idea of sex.

Girls on net: in search of a porno monster.

Drawings 2015-2017, pencil on paper from images online.  On some of them there is a website address which is not meant for advertising purposes in this case. It is part of the visual world of erotic internet and I have let the writing be part of the art. Visuals which are very attacking look-at-me, you-want-me, this-is-to-want, bright but kind of plain, repetitious and straightforwardly recognisable aesthetics of porn that does not need explaining, at least that is what I think at first glance. The easiness and little effort that is required makes the whole thing approachable which is the meaning of fun. Fast culture to consume, enjoy and produce, quick pleasure getting straight to the point and issue at hand which is satisfying urges of watching, thinking, touching and fucking, which are always there, urgent, instantly, daily. Images in professional and amateur porn are framed so that limbs, hands and legs, may be only partially visible. The point are the holes, flesh, skin, expressions, poses, her wanting this badly, to be like a thing out of order, out of control and her parts to be penetrated as the main course.

Display of genitalia, proportions, body mass in the right places, spreading open showing it, the vulgarity of it is the unexpected but still banal and dirty setting people on immediate reaction, may it be rejection, thrill, repulsion or something else that varies from laughter to numbness, but it is a personally felt position that carries out our moral views, inhibitions, curiosity, strong feelings and desires to be let loose or stay unchanged. Having something to do with fears, taboo breaking, daring, being bad? Secrets online in plain view is an interesting concept that contradicts with the restricting, fearful and intolerant atmosphere towards sex, sexuality and nudity globally and online. Question there is what is the voluntary part of women here, what are they doing exactly and why? Some kind of ancient image of sexuality being part of religious rituals and beliefs comes to mind. Is this sexuality what is wanted of women, self-expression, something honest, feminine or just a sexually loaded product which keeps women as something to look at in a certain way and be just this image and pose, wanted as an image? When is it good or bad enough, this frame, as it is banal, fast, cheap and available and the platform is free as is expression? To express oneself in pornographic way is it giving everything away as a person or is it just acting, art as such? What was the secret again which is revealed in porn, for viewer to know, secret being there no longer but still hush-hush, a happening in between the viewer and the performer and does porn remove shame, intolerance, misogyny, ignorance towards sex and liberate us?

Drawing does not take the explicit nature away, but is nudity and sex more approachable as art?

Expressions of deflowering

To have been deflowered one’s cherry got popped. Perky expressions for a happening which is somewhat a little death for a girl or event of entering adulthood, a death-like experience can be very exhilarating and fun for a while. Someone penetrates you and you will enter as a person something corrupt. You become corrupted, used because you most likely are not the one who has power in this matter. It can be at its worse dishonouring where your virginity and dignity is gone. It is a funny and naive thing to be a virgin so to get rid off it surely is something to hurry but for a young woman and for a girl it can be a dangerous thing of dishonouring and dehumanizing. You are firstly a thing to be used and consequences usually are cruel for women. Men are heroes, women are not in this case. Young women who begin their sexual life very young will very likely be called names like whore, slut, cheap tramp, corrupt no good female who is destined to fail in life. Ever heard been called a bitch, nympho, fallen woman, nasty woman: one does not have to be sexually promiscuous to be called like this. All it takes is to do something which rebels the traditional position women should happily take and like. Be nice and you will be treated nice? False promise of course. When you go with the flow and act as you are expected to you will be abused and discarded when you are no longer useful. To be confident and do what you see best disregarding what people around you push you to do and be like, is what you should be doing.
217 synonyms for whore
To deflower means one is a flower before one begins one’s sex life. What one is after the cherry popping can be a matter of opinion. A woman who has lost her most priced asset or one is experienced? One is corrupted, especially female body is. One is learning the ways how to use and not use one’s body. One can be learning how to say no, when to say no, how to demand use of condom and why demand use of condom. One can learn that having sex with a stranger heavily drunk is a very bad idea but surely it can be experienced because it is exciting and thrilling. Or you can end up being fucked by many strangers during one night when you were too intoxicated to do anything to stop them and they had fun while you didn’t know anything about it or maybe you did but they were stronger than you.

Woman is alone in this matter. Shame is hers to bear, caused mainly by her. Shame is within her and she must be aware that she lures men to do things to her. Women are let to believe that men are animals that do what their instincts tell them and wrongdoings can be avoided only when women avoid situations which can lead to harm and use self-censoring that hides and camouflages them to background. Too much femininity is a sign of willingness and easy prey.

So we give quite a power to pure animals who cannot control their urges?