But Henna You are so trapped by a man who loved you. I am? Oh. Sounds like the theme from that B-movie. Somehow I never felt the love. What was that? That’s what being trapped means, it’s being trapped. I really should not mess with such powerful people. LOL (Are you talking to yourself again or should I say still?)(Well, you know I’m weird, I also do it when I cycle)(It’s odd, I know many much weirder than you and they are the so called successful).(Do I lack something?)) (You just don’t bother hiding it, your possible weirdoness. That’s the problemo for yeh.)

A cat trapped? Yeah. You have such muscles that wow. I do?.. Poor cat, what happened to it. But Henna there is this one thing, you don’t have a dick and you don’t have the circle, the art circle to belong to, aa yes. I’m a drop-out. I’m like a bum I-really-want-to-make-it. Really. What should I make and where? I like going other fantastic directions and finding new things whether they are good or bad, dirty hopefully. Don’t say that, you’ll be in trouble. Someone will search your residence. I think they did and found my underwear on the floor. Can you believe it. Too bad not any used condoms. I believe in artistic and freedom of speech. Talking dirty is something else than getting dirty. Too clean makes me feel uncomfortable, like hospitals and galleries. To lack something as an artist is just the issue. Artist is measured like people normally by what one lacks. You have to want the same as everybody else. I was wondering why is it so difficult to talk about fame, if that’s what many of us want and the fortune. Why so many limitations what can be issued? If addressed a sensitive matter I hear laughter and I’ll be shut down, turned back at. Not nice. You should talk about nice things, Like: What kind of sensitive matters you mean darling? I like touching sensitive matters. Yeah I like touching. People please touch each other. Huggless life is hell. It’s so easy to shock that it’s a shock as itself. Anyway I have limitations too, I have never understood artists who repeat the same idea year after year. Sounds like an anal problem. Poo is not coming out properly. Exercise and change your diet, it helps. Stir it a little, like me. Move your hips. A little.. just a little. You can also sing this little song; I Wanna-be a bee, A very Sensitive bee..flying around so gracefully..continue the lyrics, invent your own while dancing around..