Mir She

How I right wrong? My wrong or somebody else’s? Yes that is a good question. Often people want to show their authority by correcting mistakes other people may do. Right proven to be needed, authority and power of having the right. The right thing to do and when not to. To establish the truth or genuineness of, validity by evidence or argument or just place yourself above the one who is not worthy of you. To prove what is closest to exact accuracy. As far as there is such a thing to be found. Solid unchangeable truth. It still has to be proven and said out loud many times over, because there is so much false information out there which is believed to be true. Knowledge of what is the right to live for anybody and how that right is not to be disturbed nor forbidden. My right, which is peaceful and lit. It is not light. It is heavy as life can be, but there is hope for everybody. There is not a hopeless case.

It is not judgment nor punishment. Forgiveness is still difficult and impossible, because of the strong quality of judgment for reasons that are not mine. Inside of me it is a different story, but who is interested in someone’s inner story, for fuck’s sake. People who believe what they see is true. But that is the shitty part of living, isn’t it. And I know you well enough now. Let’s call it a trauma and piece of evidence.

I like to believe in good. I like to believe that what I do is good. Is that what everybody else does? There are obviously many kinds of good. It is a flexible concept. You can try prove me wrong. In that case be absolutely sure you are right.