Liked, to like to not like

What kind of pattern of thought and events lead to emotional attachment or feelings of indifference? Feelings of positive or negative whole, entirety which make an entity from which to grow and see oneself and others. An idea of something and thought of someone, thoughts that one person has of people around and what one can do in one’s life? It is curious how we become to like or unlike, liked or not liked. It happens so easily, getting rid off an unpleasant sight, feeling, event, person, job, thing, something we cannot learn to live with. How there are these negative emotions towards something and why they are there and how well we tolerate them, and when we don’t have to tolerate anymore, when indeed. I ask because those negative feelings, events and things exist without going anywhere especially if they are left without solving. They can and will make a mess of unsolvable issues around, too difficult to handle and talk about. When the negative is passed on forward usually quite loosely and without much thought, it will have an effect. To think what kind of effect one wants to make in a world and to exist is therefore quite important. How negativity grows, feasts and eats our spaces, bodies and minds has a substantial meaning and ground in our daily lives. It happens so easily one can nothing but wonder the will to do bad, even when it seems minor offence, and the will to want bad to happen for someone even when it feels just a joke. There is a heavy core of infantile need to be quick and do damage just for the sake of damage. Damage that does not feel like damage to you. It brings joy to cause destruction and create a world of distrust and hurt for many. It obviously gives a feeling of power to inflict hurt and make someone feel an underdog.  As long as one is not caught. It is still matter of shame to knowingly cause hurt and want bad for someone I hope. Everyday ethics can be very lost, many not understanding what ethics means and how to apply ethics in everyday.