Blue­-haired Grand petite called Salvador Nebula. I don’t know who he is. 

Blueberry whistle

Blue­-haired Grand petite called Salvador Nebula. I don’t know who he is. 

Horses fucking on a yard. They steam. Bear bare le jardin.
I will be back as soon as I can. I can’t stand to watch. Mischievous,
ambiguous and nefarious dissent that is who he is, someone
yelled on the phone, delusional

Let us pray, bless bad hair days.

Let us pray, bless bad hair days. 

Dear Goddess of All, Bless Mothers, children and their fathers, bless feathers, toilet prayers, bless toilets, mirrors, lipstick, black nail polish, leather jackets, photographers, pornographers, condom users, sleepers, wake them up when they need to, let them sleep heavily, let them dream pleasant imaginative dreams, bless bike riders, mountain climbers, cats, goats and cows, bless milk, water, bless alcohol to kill all harmful bacteria, to bring us joy instead of sorrow and misery, bring us happiness and hangover for only one day, bless alarm clocks, bless back bags, I mean back bags, rug sacks, luggage, purses and handbags, bless art, bless the World, bless black holes, bless blessings, praying hands and heads, bless our food, make our leaders make the World peaceful place, bless grass, paper, books, sewers and ponds, bless poets and give love, teach people to give love. 

Mugshot/< < Mum kills her children.

www. The Bank of Cigaret Horizons We are and we stay in our landscape with our faces and ties
bonds cards offers mileages greetings from sunny beaches sunny investing in
or would it be better
in the long run cunning as hell in saying nothing, but talking mouth full mouth going on hands moving
there is something happening I can feel it
there is emptiness here
but we fill it
Four of the universe’s fastest­ growing economies
as we know them, are growing expanding blending
growing like well-fed babies
cows and pigs,
with our our spaces where we we live
work and make love have babies feed them.
As a result
Report begins with a silence
anger and frustration
aboutabout about our world collapsing In the report,
to identify the key issues keys where are they?
I dropped them
still As a firm,
to survive and thrive.
We take seriously our capital and ideas to further effective market­ based solutions that help address issues.
Our responsibility
our duty our goal our mission our plan our task our war our peace forever
for good now when
approach to social now which happens in environmental issues beginning was will never be or maybe
upcoming as an explosion fusion like a commercial 

Species jojo Horatius with canine teeth 6,3 cm (dominating feature) so tragic

because death is so close by, I’m turning left
seize to exist for a moment, feeling uneasy, little bit, 

like ever, nose bleeding ungodlike, ears bleeding I 

looking for a tissue, sleeve, back of my hand, index finger, spit 

It won’t find me nor I
not even smell of me nor my path 

(I just asked are you disappointed at something since you seem
to discard everything to move on without hesitation) notes: About heavy metal and other parts of me, it is about dying and 

feeling very much
feeling much, much like an animal looking at people 

filled with emotions like fright 

feeling the energy of young men and adoring it. They are not ashamed of
anything nor turning anywhere 

feeling straight through anything 

Boy with a boxer’s nose./Sovereignty in a cloud.

sovereignty in the cloud
Fighting giving meaning in us, for us to structure the world and make it maybe simpler, maybe better. Fights making us and making us do good and bad. To write about good and evil: it is clear to me that I stand on the side of good. Why is that so clear? Does my origin, ideas, gender, age, skin color, profession(s), art, deeds, tell how good a person I am? What deeds, characteristics tell my quality of goodness or evilness? That is what I think now, because I’m not so sure. What is good and just, it is that I have chosen to realize and do as I see fit and they serve me, my idea of good for me. Do I take the rest of the world into consideration in my goodness? To choose and accomplish, it is a question of self and losing self, not to make only what your self desires, not only letting your need to want to want. Decide what is good. Tastes good, makes you feel good. Is my body that decides since I must eat, sleep, drink and follow? It decides much for me as do my feelings. My feelings and sentiments, gut telling me which paths to follow. Telling me something about good, what might be good to do. 

Feather tiger porcelain fan porcelain rabbit

47. Feather tiger porcelain fan porcelain rabbit 

A bird does not fly with one wing. True that.
Why that lady walks with only one high heel and limping like that? I guess she has lost her other shoe and she is going home to have her a new pair.
Napkins spread
from outdoor cafeteria counter. Tirelessly
under its chairs, lively burst gusty blow
gum spots there.
Some things just shine through. 

ever widening maw

Food of France, a blend at hotel FountaineBleau in Miami at sunrise. Arrange her, her open yawn, a complaint I could see down her throat, reddish and hear a voice. How to arrange something,  something locked away, something grown to squeak in the uncomfort and disability of contemporary womanhood. Horrified, please stop. Sunglasses. Original attractive unpowered without a change, so loud homogeneity, carefully crafted, commitment to the kind of planning, please send us your very best words, washing quantities humming alone.


breathe, in order to have faith in to this interrogation of present of delinquency

Fear guides me, that is what I trust. Battle that cannot be won, but it has to be fought. Deliberate subversion unraveled with such speed. Enraged, cloudy, earthly, muddy, dark, behind and under, in 

experiencing historical ontology of me, of ourselves, of that other I see and don’t, verifying existence via cruelty, inner must of terror which drives me. Fear that keeps me going. Abomination, afraid when 

afraid always, keeping me alert, a pulled string, pulling.


Strategy Tegystra tactics tic

Strategy Tegystra Tactics tic 
January 16th, 2013 

cat act tic tac itc cit tci tci tci where is it leading?
Choose your favorite syllable and repeat it in a tempo chosen as you wish.
Ok. I’m ready.
or..not at all. It goes on and on unfinished.
Say syllables out loud on a wasteland, in front of it, after having walked over it. Say
repeat constantly
while walking standing thinking them how to say them looking up to the sky shout out loud syllables how they go gaps in between, pauses, tactics
inventing teg ASTRA TRA TRA TRA
stra stra gyte change order of the letters.
What sense does it make? What new views it opens? To tear words apart. How do you feel when you repeat these syllables?