In good company? That’s good, good for you, you are saved. Whatever good company means as it means different things for everybody. People who agree with you, who think like you, who share the same values as you, do the same things in life as you do, speak about the same things, are appalled when good people are appalled? It would be interesting if that kind of people could be found who completely agree and do not differ, you know what I mean? So you want to be safe? You want to feel accepted, connect, laugh and belong in harmony. It is tiring to find out that you do not belong anywhere, that anywhere you go you are rejected because of what you look like, what you stand for (it can be decided by others what you stand for just like that). It is tiring to be ultra careful about what you say because offence is something we are afraid of (we should not hurt anyone’s feelings especially if those anyones have power and lots of friends), careful what you look like, what you might want of other people if anything other than kindness. From other people we usually want something, this is the presumption. We are needy, endlessly. That others are for us, are you  there for them? People tend to conduct their thoughts without knowing better because they have taken the right to know more than they do. It is weird to notice that people create illusions so easily and without hesitation, without second thought pass their thoughts on as facts. How do you change an image of you that you did not make, it lives on without you and makes walls around you. By creating a gossip of myself I truly test what people are ready to do against someone they do not know. Not accompanied but on your own?

People talk without thinking and think they are thinking, have been thinking before they speak is self-evidence, before they speak to someone who listens and reacts they have been listening and reaction is to speak about what they have heard. To think that speaking equals well thought thinking, that speaking and making verbal noise equal intellect, that to be social is having a lot of friends who accept you as you are and making talk with those people, communicating, teaming up, uniting. Those who do not do the same are stupid, outsiders, dissidents, wrongdoers, far away. To live a lie, make a lie and think it is true, lie that becomes true when you speak it is too normal as is to think you are absolutely correct and those others are below you. When you want to hurt someone you do not know do you think there could be something wrong with you? When all you do is hurt you are thinking you are doing what is right, can you tell me what is it all about, and you are entitled to do what you do? It is a curious way to see people and your part among people when you think you are superior.