Education the gift

Schooling is a priority in making society making people evolve as makers and thinkers. The more knowledgable and capable members of society are the better and more civilized society is? I wish. It is a complex issue even though it should be quite simple: there are people who have knowledge and skills that other people need to survive and should learn and know. Altruism and sharing sound so good on paper. Just as eating and production of food are in principle the simplest of things. We must eat and we must learn otherwise what else is there. Where does the complexity arise is what kinds of things there are to gain, who benefits, gets respect, has the most assets and what is shared. There are schools who take pride in giving the best possible teaching possible, then there are schools that think they are giving the best possible teaching for their students but fail to do just that. There are schools who concentrate in mere existing and fooling students who thought they would get proper instruction in to a craft but did not. There are schools who fail but fail to see that they fail because they are full of themselves thinking they do their best and are the best in their field. How do these delusional and grandiose ideas get born and why isn’t there enough will to correct failed schooling? There are people in power who like to protect interests of theirs. In education big money moves as does merit. Teacher’s position is still appreciated not to speak of position of a professor. It is undeniable and critique is taken personally even though it would be at place and accurate.
There are fields where I have had the best schooling there is. Art has not been that kind of field. Art has proven to be a kind of field where expertise and quality do not play the most important role. Low quality of schooling has been a rule. Progress happens very slowly for various of reasons, one being that money and merit play such a big part. When teachers are picked by merit gained in the field of art no experience in teaching is required. What is a student here, in this game of merit? Arrogance and enjoyment for entitlement tend to be more important to hold on than making progress. Interests of those who enter the field of art do not seem to be interesting enough. It is strange to be a customer in a shop where the customer has no authority, value or say over. Especially when schools get public funding one is to think the primary requirement of high quality of teaching is provided self-evidently, the tools for students to survive at the chosen field as artists.
Contempt and sensitivity towards straightforward criticism where one has to be scared of retaliation and being left outside is not uncommon. Such happened to me at art school for filing complaint some courses were not taught at all. So to complain for not getting what is promised nothing is given as a punishment. To file a complaint is normal in a shop when the product is not what the ad promises it to be. What is the legal position of the student in such case when school refuses to take responsibility for adequate schooling, school refuses to provide what it promises taking complaint personally and putting student in a position of air, a button which has no say over. Since it is an insult towards the student to lie, to play with future career of this student who wants to get the skills and info to manage in a profession. My conclusion is that schools who do not take professional quality of teaching seriously and do not know what it should be are not doing their job, are not there for students but for themselves.
Yes education is a gift and I take it very seriously since my work is the most important thing in my life. There are people who do not see this clearly and do not appreciate what I do as there is little merit and little money involved, also telling work should not be the main issue in one’s life. In this bullshit world it is the most important thing and I refuse to think otherwise. There are people who study to get a well paid job and respected place in society. I study for various reasons, reasons I have to explain over and over. Why I study something which possibly has no high pay in sight, why I study something which clearly is not in demand. What is in demand are quick winnings and being a successful consumer. What comes to schooling oneself I decide what is important for me to learn not my school, not the job market, not what sells. Art school that does not have expertise in poetry should find expertise instead of telling we really don’t know what to say.