What one is to do with one’s life and how much is it an issue of state?

To smudge, mess, brake, disturb, move, make noise to be heard. Picture of a burning car, burning flag, people holding images, bankrolls with slogans, tape on someone’s mouth, posters, prints, events, interventions, riots, to throw stones, destroy shops, banks, coffee houses, public spaces, spray cans, tear gas, police wearing riot gear, shields of police, people holding hands in fists, there is the blame, hurt, demand and shout, something has caused a problem too big to tolerate and nothing is changing, the same just goes on and on, people must do something to provoke a change but what.

Since it is not a perfect world of man, we equal as people with weaknesses, with gigantic flaws at least flaws are given gigantic proportions. One flaw is to yearn for power because of power. To hold power, use power, obtain it, throw it, cast a vote. Tradition of democracy, given power. How to make flaws our strength? How to learn to see that we are our flaws, perfection in imperfection to be found. How could there be wisdom found globally so that instead of looking for flaws and trying to erase them we would think them as precious. What kind of flaw is valuable?