Girls on net: in search of a porno monster.

Drawings 2015-2017, pencil on paper from images online.  On some of them there is a website address which is not meant for advertising purposes in this case. It is part of the visual world of erotic internet and I have let the writing be part of the art. Visuals which are very attacking look-at-me, you-want-me, this-is-to-want, bright but kind of plain, repetitious and straightforwardly recognisable aesthetics of porn that does not need explaining, at least that is what I think at first glance. The easiness and little effort that is required makes the whole thing approachable which is the meaning of fun. Fast culture to consume, enjoy and produce, quick pleasure getting straight to the point and issue at hand which is satisfying urges of watching, thinking, touching and fucking, which are always there, urgent, instantly, daily. Images in professional and amateur porn are framed so that limbs, hands and legs, may be only partially visible. The point are the holes, flesh, skin, expressions, poses, her wanting this badly, to be like a thing out of order, out of control and her parts to be penetrated as the main course.

Display of genitalia, proportions, body mass in the right places, spreading open showing it, the vulgarity of it is the unexpected but still banal and dirty setting people on immediate reaction, may it be rejection, thrill, repulsion or something else that varies from laughter to numbness, but it is a personally felt position that carries out our moral views, inhibitions, curiosity, strong feelings and desires to be let loose or stay unchanged. Having something to do with fears, taboo breaking, daring, being bad? Secrets online in plain view is an interesting concept that contradicts with the restricting, fearful and intolerant atmosphere towards sex, sexuality and nudity globally and online. Question there is what is the voluntary part of women here, what are they doing exactly and why? Some kind of ancient image of sexuality being part of religious rituals and beliefs comes to mind. Is this sexuality what is wanted of women, self-expression, something honest, feminine or just a sexually loaded product which keeps women as something to look at in a certain way and be just this image and pose, wanted as an image? When is it good or bad enough, this frame, as it is banal, fast, cheap and available and the platform is free as is expression? To express oneself in pornographic way is it giving everything away as a person or is it just acting, art as such? What was the secret again which is revealed in porn, for viewer to know, secret being there no longer but still hush-hush, a happening in between the viewer and the performer and does porn remove shame, intolerance, misogyny, ignorance towards sex and liberate us?

Drawing does not take the explicit nature away, but is nudity and sex more approachable as art?

Is it girlhood having a crisis?

Crises are normal part of life. Life is a continuation of crisis after crisis. In this light to speak of midlife crisis is absurd. It is as if one had waited and endured till midlife to erupt and be able to do what one desires to do and be. It is an image of people who are under control in straitjackets which they are not allowed to be stripped away from. It is an image of a world where people are not free to decide for themselves. In this image they are slaves to traditions and ideas of gone generations who do not allow new ideas of living because those ideas threat authority, way of life and the whole idea of what is seen as good, what kind of society is good. Who does this kinds of straitjacket good serve is a good question. What is accomplished by it, by militant control? Thoughts on what is good for anybody is dictated from above. In this dictatorship girls and women serve this unchangeable monolith of patriarchy and are replaceable second-class citizens, are threatened and bullied into silence, shame and intolerance without human rights. Monolith that is scared of girls and their education, their bodies and minds is a weak society. It is a tale of men who are terrified of female power.

Asking if girlhood is having a crisis is therefore funny as to me girlhood is and was a bloody crisis. To be told of entering men’s world when I am being stared at and my body being commented by adults was sheer horror. To live for amusement of others was and is the thought of the ideology of chauvinism and sexism which I resent with all my being. I feel nausea when I think of walking and being looked at and shouted at. I truly hope boys will be raised to see girls and women as equals not servants to men, not sexual objects of desire, but thinking and feeling persons, makers of lives of their own. To be a girl in a world where perfection is seen via male perspective, body and what a man can do bring feelings of powerlessness and fear. Yes girls are small and they are easy to rule which makes the having and making of girl brides seem pathetic and sadistic. Those who wish to have children to rape are moronic criminals and brutes, sadists who see evil in children and not in themselves. World where children are subjugated moronic criminals and brutes has a bloody future.“Stopping the continuum of harm that is triggered by early marriage is only possible when governments fully implement laws and policies that prohibit child marriage, and when women are aware of their rights and empowered to make decisions about marriage,” says Upreti.”