Infant terrible

infant terrible

She is a she. She must be careful and strain herself. When she does things not permitted for girls she is putting something out of balance and finding stability of her own, which is incomprehensible, unsafe and exciting. Norms for girl behavior are very strict, therefore they are fairly simple to break, if one has the nerve to do it and become infant terrible. Punishments will of course be severe, results somewhat expected and the girl will be shut out as she is improper, stupid, intolerable, smelly and dirty, always in trouble for testing limits set by adults. In the end all she tests is herself and where she can go with small gestures, small cracks in reality, cracks made by her that got bigger.

She farts loudly in a restaurant (small farts smell the worst, but bigger farts make a disturbing element in a sophisticated environment). She starts singing in a bus when everyone else is silent, unexpected noise and clearly retarded. She pours milk on the table and strikes the glass out on the parquet leaving a dent on it. Naughty girl, what is wrong with you. Is that all what happens? It does not take much to become a talking topic. She sees woman on a balcony below her and pours water on her head.