Last time when they hey can

How absolute alters the syntax of society. Is there a syntax in society, a given order, somehow yes, of course
How absolute operates when we speak,
by which means, and how sentences are constructed in particular language,
order, specific, accurate, because we need to know what you are thinking, how to move forward,
to get something out of you
The absolute,
something happened to absolute last time and they cried, which isn’t that long ago, or feels it happens everyday, something total going to pieces and put back together again, maybe a bit differently or something missing. like liking the word syntax. feeling it in my mouth

Will you do me a favor and tell like how agglomeration of power authors to cultivate self-expression (McLuhan, Understanding Media), (to aggravor limitlessly) dissicia dissociation of seen, of Senn, of dis. Sensibility implosion of the electric age and the separation,  part to split, but why is the broken a bad thing? bad things Can’t you see anything new in it? In the situation of devastation, something gone. What are you saying, That I should be happy? But I’m SAD.
as fiancé still in tub looking grimm to those, by those who visit the door. Looking worried. It is time. time for what