Men who

Men who ask whether you have anything sexy to wear, tight. Sure, and if I don’t, I’ll go and buy some, of course, what wouldn’t I do for male pleasure. Men who ask whether they can come by on Monday morning and do I have lubricate. They ask do I like being fucked in the ass, do I like my asshole licked. I wash the sheets afterwards. Men think they can come and then go and it should be fine because they are men and this is just sex. Men may ask whether they can eat me, whether I will eat them, whether I make the initiative, whether I fuck like an animal, how far will I go as far as sex goes. Men who send their erection in a photograph and ask whether I got scared. No it is normal. You do not scare me with a picture of your erected penis, picture with sperm on your belly after you have masturbated. You thought I got scared? Why? So you do consider my feelings. Women are scared of men? Why on earth? Men to whom I tell what I like they listen and do what they want. I ask what do they want. Men who do whatever they please, so why shouldn’t I do what I like?

Men who do not consider protection but leave it for a woman to think and it is woman’s task to demand men to use a condom: oh, do I have to. I don’t have any diseases. Men who think they are the only ones, but I don’t see the spark. I really do not see any respect or consideration even though you say I have a dick and balls. What did I expect? It is more than I could ever imagine, worse. The worse is that the imagined is true.

You get turned on when women are scared of you? You feel powerful when you inflict fear?