There are rules to be broken. That almost is a rule for creativeness to find its explosiveness. There are ideas and ideologies to be shocked and thinking patterns to be changed.

Tradition is natural, to work is natural, because it and it has been going on so long, so it must be the right thing to do. Logic is naive and defensive. Working class and middle class values can be aggressive and tiring. Values of owning and working make who you are. Both classes have somewhat similar desires, to be well-off, safe and prosperous. Such values have been mocked in several occasions by artists as the way artists are mocked by people who happen to have the so-called real jobs. It is a mockery and on and on battlefield of people who do not want to understand each other’s ways. What is an installation and do you still do art, still are the usual questions I get to hear. I guess it is your thing. My thing? Doubt and suspicion are obviously your thing.

Equipment is secondary. In terms of revolutionizing society, making society work for all of its members freedom of expression is vital. To take it, because very often it is not given on a plate, the possibility, appreciated or even legal. It also seems to me creativity must be opposed for us to find its power.

How to change society for more tolerant? Could that be your thing?