Cult of genius (go wax your balls or something)

Giant, great, unique thinker, not usually small, fragile, insignificant or female but big, self-assure and male. Genius has something to do with Western success, dominance, power, knowledge, fame and obsession, adoring and idolizing. Idol who is someone special above the rest, someone who has special skills, abilities and way to present oneself in specific manner. Exceptional character who seeks to find perfection tirelessly, and truth, find something invisible which is and has been beyond most people to imagine and see. Impossible made possible, genius an exceptional person lifted up who has been able to reveal a new way of making, thinking and seeing, something unseen, unheard, unconventional, unimaginable, unsolvable and revolutionary. To be genius means one has to be creative, do creative work and go over limits that society has set. That maybe is not enough. To go further, go far and find the simplest solution usually on your own. It is a manifestation of power of one individual. One can do something new and innovative without being a genius. It has to be declared. Genius the personality trait as it is something we know when we think about it is something scary still. There is a thin line between crazy and genius, intellectual superiority that is almost too much for human brain to tolerate. What cult of genius expects is a freak of nature.
It is usually status given by experts who identify and acknowledge, have evaluated and recognized work of a genius. To declare oneself genius is a sign of lack of humility and modesty. Placing oneself somewhere where it is almost impossible to go but one has to take the step of doing so without shame for it. Who dares to challenge this person, who dares to say such a thing? No one but a full-blown narcissist, self-obsessed lunatic and megalomaniac. Success and being noticed is part of the cult, of course. One of a kind mastermind who know worth of oneself. Genius has spirit, divine guidance and protection so it is not false to speak about cult or religion in the context of genius. Must be due to Christianity genius has become to embody a man, man’s ability to think, do, invent and master. I have placed this interview of Marilyn Minter here because she refers herself to being a genius, a genius who creates something extraordinary, genius an exceptional thinker, a mind analytically and intellectually superior. What other would you say when you are asked are you a genius? First of all one has to have a lot of balls to give such a statement and yet what a banal thing to say. Is genius a bumper sticker? Interesting is how cult of genius seems to be a very American phenomenon. What kind of intellect is American genius about and is their criticism in Minter’s statement towards the royalty of intellect which is close to pop culture? How intellect manifests itself in a genius and in society today when anyone can be a genius?



All male panel on how to become a woman. Best of Pussy. You create yourself.

Also men having an expert conversation on menstruation is one I would like to go and listen to.

How does one become a woman, to become part of a gender that is specific, recognizable, is to know what are the things people of that gender do and what they look like, are about. What are women about then? The problem of being part of a pure idea, a perfect ideal to live by can be binding, womanhood which is controlled and firmly obedient to tradition. Obedience is strongly expected of young women as it is for children. Women who act against the rules have something wrong with them. There is something wrong with her, she is not right, she is trouble, she is wild, she is a warning sign. Women who do not fit in, do not fill up given criteria, do not appeal, please and do right are punished, silenced, killed, abandoned, isolated, stigmatized etc. Means are many and they are in use all over the world. Men do the talking for women, have opinion on women’s issues, lives, looks, decisions, education, rights and prohibitions.

One becomes a woman realizing there are fewer options for women than for men. She understands she is not allowed to do the same things as men are, she utterly sees how different her life is compared to men and it is very difficult to change that situation. This is one way to womanhood, comprehending it. To be a woman is to learn to defend oneself, defend children, defend childhood, take care of others, be emotional, be what you are expected to be and still be more, do otherwise than you are expected, do what you want to do and face the consequences. Caring, kind, speaking softly, not speaking, not daring, avoiding dark alleys, strangers, avoid stigma of any kind, or you can have your own way and face the consequences.

A never-ending mirroring of your body and image. Hey beautiful how are you feeling?
First you get yourself a pair of tits, you start to think about how you feel, how transformation made you feel from girl to a woman from man to a woman. You are not happy the way you look, you are not happy who you are? You feel bad, you feel good. You are an emotional body figuring out how to be a woman and what a woman does.
You think are your breasts big enough and how they look, how they should look and whose breasts you idolize and think look good and sexy, how your belly looks and is it flat enough. Images in your head. Are you legs long and firm enough, how much skin can you show, how your ass looks and can you wear tight clothing. What kind of response do you want from those who look at you and are you interested in what other people think. How depended women are on other people’s opinion and judgment?

Hate existing, existing hate. It is good to be able to recognize your emotions and why you feel them, moreover what you do with them.

When you do not understand ideals of your own are they yours when you act against them, or are they something that make you look better than you are? It is easier to find fault in someone else, extremely hard to admit wrong doing especially when you should be on the golden side of good. To sweep your prejudice and bullying under the carpet by blaming someone for doing and being so much worse. It is not a very clever strategy.

What is she like?

The Gossip is solid proof and enjoyable one. It is deadly and vicious aimed only to cause hurt and loss by those who speak it forward. My aim has been to reflect you to yourselves and to those watching.

Gossip is the spectacle of our time, of any time. It is the destruction and decay of the art world made visible. When word spreads this fast and in this magnitude to paint black one person it is evidence of a bubble existing and relations between people who aim to preserve self-interests, tale of art life in a bubble which serves the few of those inside, suspicion and contempt against the different and someone who is seen as less. Art world does not serve art or artists. Artists who think so serve interests of theirs only and the system that does not seek change as it thinks it is perfect. World where self-promotion and greed shine is a dead world already. Justification would be very interesting to hear as you obviously see someone like me garbage who can be completely trashed. Gossip continued the trashing that had already began as I heard what people had talked about me, people whom I had not even met. How an image of an artist and a woman lives on in talk and creates her public image which in its way makes her in the art world. Art is seen the undeniable good, fighter against ill, social rot, ugliness and discrimination, at least for some the ideal is true. Contradictions and simple mistakes in thinking shine through. You see it?

In this image it is interesting to reflect the world of how artists are seen in general as there is contempt inside there is a lot of it outside. As from where I come from arts is done by distant and weird people who are more or less mentally ill, drink a lot, live a messy life etc. All kinds of images live on, any ideas there are of artists are kept alive just to keep arts distant because it is not understood nor wanted because it is something disturbing, disturbing balance of what is seen as good, good to picture, good to like, what is seen as beautiful and worth while to depict. To be a great artist is to be legitimized inside by legitimized people with position and only great artists have the right to be artists. For an artist who is female and has contradicting questioning thoughts it is a complex field of struggle, mostly struggle against prejudice, a struggle to be heard and make lasting change of how people think and what is art for.

Only thing I am surprised is how fast and wide word has spread. Viciousness nor cynicism do not surprise me in any way. Here comes the sun and it will burn you. See I understand you way better than you think. That is your flaw, underestimation and arrogance, you do not think much of someone like me. Someone like me, who is that? Someone who looks like me, someone you heard a gossip about?