Mars Venus Mars Venus Planet Starlight Galaxy dust Golden ass Sass.

To name a prostitute in a way that she shall be most marketable and a product of fantasy giving the most pleasurable experience for money. It is an interesting way to create imaginary role play and turn something quite everyday into luxurious and desirable. To buy sex is the most notorious thing, still very out of the ordinary for many to think of doing, a kind of last option when options are few or non-existent. We need to come, have an orgasm, to be creative and relaxed, kind of newly born, reborn and unloaded to be reloaded. It is in us built in to be sexual and the magnitude it rules us is obviously too much to take, even though the amount of how much sex is in our minds and in front of us is staggering. It is to release oneself out of boundaries set, not to have any. Stepping out of lawful and respectable, the same goes for the one who sells sex. Although she has done the work of releasing herself/himself or is in the same situation of no other option than to sell sex. The lack of options and freedoms is what is the worrying issue.
What is wanted of a sex worker is the service which is dangerous and hazardous, exciting and against the rules of proper behaviour. It is to let all inhibitions go and become the animal. Putting all out there, all being the body and what it can do and give. A warm body, touching it, a body touching another which can be one idea and reason to buy sex. Then there are more ruthless ideas why. Body is the fantasy and object of use. What does body represent is sex and gender and what these concepts do for us on mental and material levels. Sex is an enormous taboo which taboo creates fantasies. It is the we can’t, we must not, we should not sometimes even think about it. For many sex or any reference to sex is ugly. It is pushed away as something filthy and dirty, which thought feeds the fantasies.
When we can’t in the bedroom we can’t much anywhere else. Power of sex is enormous and it is everywhere. It can be called pornofication. To me it seems it is finding all possible ways to express the basic need we have and what we truly want, and want to see. Strangely denial makes us yearn for the forbidden. When lots of things stay forbidden for their corruptive effect and sexuality being the biggest demon out there, we go looking for the forbidden partly because it feels freeing and fun. Fun being banned for it is against God and against society somehow makes strange scenes. We become prohibited, afraid, anal, you know when you have fingers and head up your arse. Afraid of doing wrong, afraid of doing against the authority, afraid of yourself, afraid to live, afraid of who you are, afraid to go search for who you are, afraid to speak out and against the oppressors, afraid of nudity, afraid of something very normal corrupting us. To think that sex corrupts our minds is therefore a corrupt thought. Fear is corruptive. Fear of breaking something which must be broken.