Do you see in the dark?

It gets mighty dark among people as they do not see themselves, or if they see themselves, are what they want to be and like their image, it is a pretty fucked up picture. What happens when people have an object value only? When our world becomes webbed with help of technology, becomes more and more abstract and hidden, more and more we think we are cleverer than we are, groups of those geniuses support each other doing the same thing and looking for mastering of other people. Mastering people takes masters of technology. What kind of gangs of people rule our spaces? Who gave them power over spaces all people are free to use? What kinds of assets and skills are appreciated, what kind of characters and personalities? They are usually the loud ones, who seek attention and appreciation within their group. 

My theory is that these men and boys who do cyber bullying do not have much contact with women, do not know different kinds of women, do not want to know. For them woman is an image with few dimensions. An image that is done and closed up without any change, without variety, without any other meaning than to please silently and pose. These males come from a world of chauvinism, sexism and tradition thinking they are funny, intelligent, righteous and manly. They are appreciated as they are continuation to tradition of being men.

Within their group they may seem strong, alone they are nothing which is a strange contradiction in image of appreciation they may be in. Hiding behind fake names anonymously is a coward act itself. That is the manhood of theirs, fear of losing it. They game in a way they can nothing but win, which is in a group anonymously. Greatest fear is to be beaten by a woman, a woman who has more skills than they do. This is very clear as men want to be on top to manifest their manhood. It is no surprise that women have to be better than men on any field.

For such men woman is merely a sex object, typically stereotypical, child-like, incapable. A repetition of a repetition, just like Hollywood film and mainstream entertainment want to show women over and over again, as needy and weak, overly sexual sub-beings, who are still contradictory demons not to be trusted, wicked and evil. In this kind of culture woman is something to take over and rule, tame to be obedient. To actually face a woman as equal or superior would be losing strength, losing an old ideology that has prevailed too long. Ideology of place of a woman and use of a woman is now to be changed. Woman is still used and treated as she has no will of her own, therefore it is a shock in a community when there are women who act up, use, speak up, make and do regardless of do they get respect and are they acknowledged or not. Such women need to exist for culture to change. Women need to do what they wish, not what other people wish they’d do.

Yes fear of violence keeps women in place. I hope women would learn to be fearless and stand up for themselves. Do it now!
Danielle Keats Citron, law professor at the University of Maryland and author of the recently released book Hate Crimes in Cyberspace, explained, “Time and time again, these women have no idea often who it is attacking them. A cybermob jumps on board, and one can imagine that the only thing the attackers know about the victim is that she’s female.”