Cultural significance of sucking cock.

Hello cocksuckers!
Be an ideal blow job boy or
a girl, a mouth and a face to perform the uncivilized act of blowing.
Cultural significance of sucking cock, the act, what is it? The loving it, the hate, the
contempt, the kneeling, opening of a zipper, massaging the testicles and thighs, the
need for power, the enslavement, the mouth, the giving head.
Shall we remove any hint of civilisation? It is getting hot in here, isn’t it.
To blow is an act of culture. It is to serve. Strangely culture is civilisation. Hints of
civilisation can be removed by taking off clothes, your silks. Place them on furniture
so that it is romantic. There is a dim light in the room. Get nude. Go on your knees
and on all your fours. Suck your thumb, suck the toe, lick the foot. Try it out. You first
and everybody simultaneously fuck.
Personally, trying it out and not expecting someone to do it voluntarily on her own.

Try selflessly. Selfishness is out. Be in.