Distance of things as artificial difference in things and for people, natural as a happening. Distance between to tell who we are, for us to know what we deal with and what we do not.

Distance to those unworthy, to the garbage, to those who are to be forgotten and unspoken of. Distance to foul, to smelly, to politics, to difficulty, to hunger, to trouble, to suffering, to death, to murder: distance can be silent killing, denial and horror in front of life and cruelty of man. To make a gap between clean and dirty in order not to be infected, exposed nor influenced by: not to change. Distance is to dream the far away land, to dream something to find out of reach, something unexpected and new. It is not understanding, something that is incomprehensible and for some reason out of grasp. Distance is to hold a secret, to feel veiled, to feel hidden, to avoid speaking the achy issues, to be in silence. Distance is to be silent when one should speak, to not speak for those who would listen, to not see those who wish to be seen and not to face what becomes of seeing. Distance can be fear of change, fear of acting out, fear of putting oneself into it, into solving the problem of distance. Distance is inability.

Distance meaning the state of not wanting to face oneself, somebody among somebodies, not to face things done, but escape, escape situations of shame in shame, distance kept from feeling appallingly ashamed. Distance is to make a difference between us and them, between people and people, between not understanding. Distance is isolating, it can be too much to live in isolation, but it can be living in periphery without a need to leave. Isolated from what, far from what, marginal to what? Distance now is an effort to make it unimportant, making it important still as a making.

Oh you are so far away, there, somewhere, come here. How distant are we? Do we know each other? What is the distance between us? The actual length? What kind of journey does one have to travel to get here, to get there?

Distance is guilt. Distance is how you look at things. It is to forget and it is a physical fact. How well do we admit that we are unable to take over distance. How much are we unwilling to acknowledge our incapability to rule completely distance, conquer length and void of an area as material and immaterial. To acknowledge distance is to make immaterial visible.

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